Micro Focus Offers New Approach to Modernizing IBM Mainframe PL/I Apps

Micro Focus Server Enterprise Edition provides a low-risk, self-funding alternative to re-write or package-replacement strategies for PL/I assets.

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It’s estimated that organizations running PL/I applications on IBM mainframes are spending in excess of $1 billion per annum in operating costs. As a result, enterprises are looking for alternatives to deliver the same business capabilities for less while retaining the existing intellectual property built into the PL/I applications.

To help organizations address this, Micro Focus has released Micro Focus Server Enterprise Edition for PL/I, the first complete, cross-platform migration solution that enables mainframe PL/I applications to be moved, with minimal changes, from an IBM mainframe to Linux, Unix, or Windows Server platforms, where they can be operated for a fraction of the cost.

Organizations now have a brand new, low-risk alternative when considering modernization options for their PL/I application portfolios that avoids the need to rewrite, convert, or replace mature PL/I applications that deliver unique competitive advantage.

For many IT departments this means that they will be able to self-fund ongoing PL/I application modernization by reinvesting a proportion of the annual operating cost savings, which can be as much as 70 percent, into modernization and innovation.

Micro Focus Server Enterprise Edition is the only integrated cross platform PL/I system migration product on the market. It enables the bulk of PL/I application code to be migrated without change and provides support for COBOL and all other key IBM mainframe subsystems used by PL/I applications. Having this full range of language and subsystems support on Windows Server, Linux and UNIX is essential when migrating PL/I systems as it reduces risk, a key factor for all organizations considering migration.

“PL/I applications running on IBM mainframes are nearly always business-critical. It is therefore crucial to provide a robust platform that helps organizations move applications with as few changes as possible,” said Kevin Brearley, Director Product Management at Micro Focus. “Our products mitigate risk, which is the number one concern of CIOs interested in exploring how migration can benefit their organizations.”

More information can be found at www.microfocus.com.

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