MoreVRP Application Performance Optimizer

MoreVRP version 5 features new playback and inquire for granular, multi-dimensional performance analysis.

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More IT Resources Ltd. (MORE) has released an update to its flagship MoreVRP database and application performance optimization solution, MoreVRP Version 5.0, which includes advanced new “deep analysis” and “time travel” capabilities that improve its application performance management (APM) capabilities and ensure the highest possible visibility into database performance dynamics.

With the introduction of MoreVRP 5.0, database and system administrators can perform sophisticated comparative and historical analysis of database performance data and achieve a high level of of database performance control.

Traditional APM solutions can monitor and aggregate historical performance data; MoreVRP enables both historical and real-time performance monitoring, with highly granular comparative analysis of raw data stored within its rich yet light-footprint data repository. Its ability to compare data sets and performance metrics from different time periods helps users pinpoint anomalies and bottlenecks and quickly resolve performance degradation issues and thus ensure peak database performance under even the heaviest workloads. With MoreVRP 5.0, users are able to manage hundreds of distributed databases from a single, centralized location with minimal effort or complexity, achieving up to 10X gains in administrative efficiency.

The new Playback Module enables administrators to effectively “travel back in time” to view past database events as they unfolded, as if live in real time. With this Playback capability, users can review and identify chains of events that negatively affected database performance, with the flexibility to pause the playback and drill into the underlying data repository to diagnose performance issues down to the IO and CPU level. This ability to analyze historical system performance by timeframe and/or transaction via the core MoreVRP dashboard affords users new levels of insight into database performance dynamics in a fraction of the time it would have taken to isolate and correlate single/individual statements.

The new Inquire Module for MoreVRP 5.0 is designed to equip database administrators with advanced capabilities for statistics analysis, reporting, and lock management. With the statistics analysis feature, DBAs can perform advanced trend analysis by correlating over 20 different parameters such as commits, rollbacks, block changes, and IO via a timeline axis to enable multi-dimensional performance and statistics analysis. This function also accommodates user-defined presets and filters to help streamline reporting and administration, and helps users generate comparison graphs and performance reports with up to 8,000 different customization options.

Other Inquire Module features include fast AWR report generation; it provides comprehensive time- and database-specific reporting with a few mouse clicks (available for Oracle environments only). The Module’s lock management feature lets administrators identify and resolve lock and blocking-lock issues, and even release them if needed, in just seconds.

MoreVRP users real-time control of database transaction performance, ensuring optimal quality of service for critical enterprise applications. With MoreVRP, users can proactively and instantaneously accelerate transaction performance via IO and CPU resource allocation at a granular level.

Availability and Support

MoreVRP 5.0 supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, and PostgreSQL database platforms, as well as Oracle Exadata and EMC Greenplum database appliances, with operating system support spanning Microsoft Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, and True64 UNIX. MoreVRP 5.0 can be purchased today from MORE and MORE’s worldwide network of resellers and solution providers.

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