STEALTHbits Introduces Free Data Loss Prevention Tool for Enterprise IT

DLP Lite offers organizations a free, flexible, and powerful regex engine for identifying high-risk content.

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STEALTHbits Technologies, a provider of IT compliance, security, and operational management solutions for the Microsoft computing platform, has released StealthTOOLS DLP Lite for File Systems, a free, regex data loss prevention (DLP) tool to help organizations proactively identify high-risk, unsecured content on their networks to mitigate the risk of data leakage and theft.

The new freeware solution is a high-efficiency, file-level content scanning tool that gives IT administrators greater visibility into their data by pinpointing critical and sensitive data within Windows-based file systems and network file shares. By identifying sensitive and proprietary content that is unprotected or accessible by a large number of people, organizations can improve their data protection and security strategies through proactive analysis of shared and personal file repositories to dramatically reduce risk.

“Knowing that Data Loss Prevention is at the forefront of many business’ IT security concerns, we wanted to create a powerful tool that would arm administrators with greater awareness about the content within their file systems so that corrective action can be taken to protect it,” said Adam Laub, vice president of product management at STEALTHbits. “DLP Lite is the first in our series of new StealthTOOLS freeware. By offering it for free, we hope to give IT professionals access to an arsenal of tools designed to address difficult IT management issues with minimal effort and at no cost.”

Key features and benefits of DLP Lite for File Systems include:

  • Easy installation: Includes a simple installation wizard. Once installed on a PC, users can begin to identify if high-risk content (such as credit card and Social Security numbers, employee information, or other data that is unique to an organization) exists on the targeted resource.

  • Flexibility: As a regular expression engine, DLP Lite leverages high quality, out-of-the-box expressions for credit cards, Social Security numbers, currencies, phone numbers, ZIP codes, and postal codes. Users can modify preconfigured expressions to suit specific requirements, use expressions found on the Web, or create unique expressions from scratch to search for virtually any file condition. Search results can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file or reformatted into a customized analysis report.

  • Control: DLP Lite’s scoping options, wildcard support, and exception handling provide granular search and output control; condition context features drastically reduce false positives by providing text samples found both before and after condition matches. Its powerful data pivoting and filtration features make it easy to narrow down search results or export directly to Microsoft Excel for more advanced analysis requirements.

DLP Lite for File Systems is available for download immediately from the STEALTHbits Web site. For more information, visit

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