MetaVis Introduces Google-to-SharePoint Migration Solution

Helps enterprises move Google Apps or Google Docs to Office 365, SharePoint while preserving metadata.

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MetaVis Technologies, Inc. has introduced a solution for migrating Google Apps to SharePoint or Office 365. MetaVis Migrator for Google Apps allows customers to migrate Google content to either a hosted or on-premise-based SharePoint solution while preserving valuable metadata required for compliance and governance policies.

MetaVis Migrator for Google Apps migrates all content -- including metadata tags such as version history and ownership -- to Office 365 or SharePoint. Users can classify and organize Google content as they migrate. IT administrators can quickly map Google Document properties such as description, published, created, and modified dates to SharePoint fields. This allows companies to retain critical information required for compliance and e-discovery policies.

MetaVis Migrator for Google App features include:

  • Migrate Google documents, collections, version histories, comments, and metadata to SharePoint and Office 365

  • onvert native Google documents (documents, presentations, tables) from the Google format to the Google format to Microsoft Office equivalent, txt, pdf, CSV, etc. and upload to SharePoint

  • reserve document created and modified dates

  • Map users and permissions when copying content from Google Documents to SharePoint

  • Filter and map file owner attribute

A free trial of MetaVis Migrator for Google Apps can be downloaded here.

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