KEMP Technologies Accelerates Time-to-Deployment for App Load Balancing

Newest version of LoadMaster family offers pre-configured application templates for business, Web apps; adds DoS and SSL certificate features.

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KEMP Technologies has released version 6.0 of its LoadMaster family of server load-balancer appliances and application delivery controllers. LoadMaster 6.0 delivers enhanced capabilities, including pre-configured application templates to deliver reliable and high-performing server load balancing and application delivery in a single, affordable, hardware or software-based virtual platform.

LoadMaster 6.0 introduces pre-configured application templates designed to reduce the time and effort required to optimally deploy business-critical applications. With these templates, administrators can quickly, easily, and automatically optimize LoadMaster use with Microsoft Exchange 2010, SharePoint, Microsoft Lync, and a range of other applications, as well as applications delivered via HTTP. Administrators only need to install a customized, application-specific template, guided by a simple wizard, to enable the rapid deployment of applications and a KEMP LoadMaster in an optimized configuration.

The update to LoadMaster also features denial-of-service (DoS) mitigation features to defend against layer 7 DoS attacks on Web-based applications and servers. The LoadMaster now detects and quickly fights off DoS attacks at all layers to protect the entire Web application stack. With a new SSL certificate library, it centrally stores SSL certificates for easier maintenance and upgrades. In a typical certificate life cycle, issued certificates may be revoked or expired, requiring on-going renewal or upgrades. Now, an administrator can install certificates once by drawing from the LoadMaster’s own library, saving significant time and resources.

For businesses running applications in a virtual environment, LoadMaster 6.0 supports the creation of whitelists (or blacklists) for all Virtual Services, allowing administrators to filter traffic at a granular level, including IP addresses at the Internet, extranet, or intranet levels, giving administrators have more flexibility and control over security.

All LoadMaster solutions now support IPv6 and the new 6.0 features are available for the entire KEMP product family. This includes the LoadMaster 2200, 2600, 3600, 5500, along with virtual load balancer appliances: the Virtual LoadMaster for Hyper-V and VMware.

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