Cannon Launches “Data Center in a Box” for Schools

Mini Data Center range offers complete data center in a box for schools and colleges.

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Cannon T4 Inc. has just released its Mini Data Center range, a complete data center in a box for schools and colleges

Announcing the new range, Michael Varcoe at Cannon T4 Inc. said, “Childrens' lives revolve around IT. At home with PCs, gaming consoles, and smartphones; and also in the classroom with big screen multi-media displays, electronic whiteboards and increasingly ‘per-student’ PCs and iPads.” Varcoe explained that to deliver this content requires each school and college to have the full functionality of a small data center.

A serious problem in many schools is the lack of space for the data center and of the skills and resources to manage and maintain one. Cannon Technologies has solved the problem by developing the Mini Data Center range -- a complete, self-contained data center in a single enclosed rack or cabinet that can be sited in a corridor, closet, or externally in the car park or yard.

The new range contains sophisticated, self-management systems alongside cooling equipment, uninterruptable power supplies, wide area network (Internet) access, router, firewalls, content filtering and control, Ethernet switches, storage, servers, and Wi-Fi access controllers. All of this is integrated in Cannon Technologies’ factory with e-learning management software (LMS) such as Moodle and Blackboard together with all of the back-office systems, student security functions (such as campus-wide access control and CCTV recording for the school or college). This is all fully integrated and tested before delivery to the school.

According to Varcoe, “Although it is possible to run Ethernet cabling throughout the school, with the preponderance of hand-held devices, transportable whiteboards, and large-screen displays, the moves, adds, and changes (MACs) for a school are a potential nightmare. We tend to recommend the use of encrypted Wi-Fi throughout the school and yard that does away with most of the MACs and, if Power over Ethernet is used, reduces the total cabling job for the entire school to one main supply to the cabinet and only 10 Ethernet cables to 10 Wi-Fi access points for a 300 user-system or just 40 cables for an entire 1200-user campus.

Schools today require a sophisticated data center in much the same way that a typical business does. The data center must provide powerful servers for the processing and all if the infrastructure capability needed to support these functions, take up very little space and need very little IT support and maintenance. Cannon Technologies’ Mini Data Center range provides that ready-to-work, out-of-the-box solution.

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