Amazon Cloud Cost Management Easier with uptimeCloud

UptimeCloud provides real-time cloud cost monitoring for the Amazon AWS cloud; forecasting takes the guessing game out of cloud budgets.

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Uptime software, Inc., an IT systems performance, availability, and capacity management software provider, has released uptimeCloud, a real-time cloud cost monitoring software as a service (SaaS).

The cloud is strewn with hidden costs, as the dynamic ebb and flow of usage changes daily and even hourly. However, most IT departments are unaware of the total cost of their cloud usage until the monthly bill arrives. uptimeCloud accurately monitors, forecasts, and details exactly who was using what and how much it cost for Amazon AWS users, all in real-time. uptimeCloud eliminates complex cloud usage pricing by delivering complete visibility into cloud computing costs across, for example, departments, applications, lines-of-business (LOB), locations, users, and instances.

“Cost is the key driver in moving the cloud and, at the same time, cost uncertainty is the cloud’s biggest barrier and risk for companies. uptimeCloud completely removes that risk,” said Alex Bewley, CTO of uptime software.

“Cloud Cost Uncertainty” has stung cloud users since its inception due to usage bills varying in cost from month to month. uptimeCloud offers a key to cloud computing success: a deep and easy-to-use SaaS tool for monitoring how much cloud deployment costs this minute or month-to-date, and provides a forecast of what the total monthly cost will be -- all based on a users’ real-time Amazon usage.

With uptimeCloud, uptime software introduces the idea of “economic cloud intelligence,” providing dashboards that easily monitor and measure the cost of cloud deployments in real-time, predict future cloud costs based on actual workloads, provide automated cloud cost-saving recommendations, and help IT departments easily break out cloud cost and usage (for example, by department, line-of-business, application, SLA, location, user, internal budget code). uptimeCloud provides IT with a complete toolset for ensuring cloud deployments are both visible in real-time from a cost perspective and achieving the greatest cost savings at the right level of performance.

Real-time Cloud Cost Monitoring Features:

  • Complete Cost Visibility from the CIO Down: Real-time (to-the-minute) visibility from the CIO, the day-to-day administrator
  • Removes Cloud Cost Concerns: Removes the risk of cloud cost over-runs by showing IT cloud costs in real-time; provides the CIO and all managers with accurate monthly cloud budgeting
  • Cloud Cost Insurance: Validates calculations and cloud modeling; for a fraction of the cost of cloud modeling tools and consulting assessments, uptimeCloud provides the exact cost of a cloud deployment within seconds of deploying it
  • Deploys in Seconds, Exponentially Scalable: uptimeCloud automatically populates in seconds and easily aggregates many Amazon accounts

Cloud Cost Forecasting Features:

  • Accurately Predicts Cloud Costs: Instantly and accurately estimates monthly AWS cloud bills based on actual, up-to-the-minute cloud usage -- by hour, day, week, month, or year
  • Budget Alerts: Allows users to create a monthly budget; alerts are sent when cloud costs are projected to go over budget
  • Cloud Cost “Early Warning System”: When changes are made in a cloud deployment, uptimeCloud automatically shows how those changes will impact a cloud budget
  • Cloud Agility: Provides insight into new projects and initiatives with 100 percent visibility to real-time changes in cost

Cloud Cost Management and Detailed Reporting Features:

  • Fast, Accurate Cost Breakdown: Delivers total company cloud cost or breaks out costs by application, SLA, line-of-business, project, user, location, account and instance
  • Forecast Cloud Costs by Project, Department, Regions, etc: As departments, regions or users deploy new projects, infrastructure or applications in the cloud, uptimeCloud automatically predicts monthly costs
  • Cuts Cloud Costs: Automated budget-saving recommendations pinpoint real cost savings and provide actual dollar amounts in savings to be had; intelligent dashboards show over-provisioning and wasted cloud resources (zombies, etc.), offering clear and actionable data to save IT budget

To learn more about uptimeCloud, or for a 30-day free trial, visit:

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