ASG Software Updates ASG-TMON Performance Manager for IBM DB2 Version 10

Organizations using IBM DB2 version 10 can quickly and efficiently identify and address the complex IT environment challenges.

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ASG Software Solutions (ASG) has launched ASG-TMON for DB2 version 5.0. The redesigned performance management solution supports the latest version of IBM DB2 V10 on zSeries and can scale so organizations can meet the challenges of complex enterprise IT systems.

ASG developed this release in tandem with IBM to leverage the advanced monitoring interfaces provided by IBM that allow IT personnel to quickly and accurately target the root cause of any DB2 performance issue. This ensures fast resolution and provides end users with an optimal workplace experience with minimal disruption.

Enterprises must maximize performance by providing customers and employees with an environment that facilitates business instantly on any device, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. IBM DB2 on zSeries is a cornerstone supporting these applications and services. As a result, businesses need to implement technologies and solutions that aid this process to maintain a competitive edge. With ASG-TMON for DB2, organizations can track and evaluate the performance of all DB2 subsystems through a single view to quickly identify and correct any performance slowdowns affecting their business applications.

“The IT landscape has shifted dramatically over the last year and organizations simply cannot afford performance management issues in IT,” said Scott McCurdy, senior vice president of product management at ASG. “With ASG-TMON for DB2, ASG provides IT with the tools necessary to quickly and accurately resolve any issues as they arise. This helps provide enterprises with the ability to operate the business at a high level, positioning the organization ahead of competitors that continue to be plagued with IT delays and downtime.”

ASG-TMON for DB2, along with the SQL Analyzer feature, helps organizations improve overall IBM DB2 availability by proactively managing IBM DB2 applications and critical resources. Together, these solutions provide organizations with the insight needed to quickly resolve complex IBM DB2 and SQL issues, resulting in optimized end user response times and maximized IBM DB2 application availability. Further, the reporting functionality provides organizations with online reports to track and analyze performance trends across systems and time frames to correct any repeat issues within the IT environment.

ASG-TMON for DB2 is available now. For more information visit the ASG-TMON for DB2 home page.

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