Gorilla Logic Releases Cross-Platform IOS, Android Functional Testing Solution

New open source platform records, plays back, and validates any user interaction on any mobile device or tablet.

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Gorilla Logic, an enterprise application development and automated mobile testing tools and services provider, has released MonkeyTalk, a new, cross-platform iOS/Android record/playback functional testing platform that unites FoneMonkey for iOS and FoneMonkey for Android open source tools. MonkeyTalk provides a single, cross-platform testing environment that helps development teams accelerate delivery of higher-quality mobile applications.

MonkeyTalk offers QA professionals a comprehensive solution for mobile application testing. It records, plays back, and validates any user interaction on any mobile device or tablet and handles any gesture on any component. MonkeyTalk supports both iOS and Android, simulators or devices.

As part of the platform, Gorilla Logic has introduced the MonkeyTalk Command Language, a keyword- and data-driven language for specifying functional test scripts that is designed for QA professionals. It generates code automatically through recording or composed from scratch with the MonkeyTalk IDE or with any text editor. In addition, testers and QA professionals can extend MonkeyTalk with their own application-specific commands without any programming. MonkeyTalk’s JavaScript API also allows tests to freely mix JavaScript and MonkeyTalk for enhanced control.

Key features of MonkeyTalk include:

  • Data-driven functional testing for iOS and Android
  • Recording and playback of user interface interactions
  • Verification of expected versus actual results
  • Generation of readable, maintainable scripts as well as creation of scripts from scratch
  • Automatic conversion of scripts to JavaScript that can be extended with custom logic
  • The ability to run in continuous integration environments
  • Free, open source licensing

MonkeyTalk is a free and open source tool and is available now. It can be downloaded at http://www.gorillalogic.com/testing-tools/monkeytalk.

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