Quest Introduces vFundamentals Virtualization Management Suite

New vFundamentals bundle created by Quest simplifies VMware management for SMBs.

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Quest Software, Inc. is now shipping vFundamentals, a new product suite that delivers backup, capacity planning, and resource optimization for VMware virtual environments. vFundamentals enables virtualization administrators to confidently grow their virtual environments knowing that critical assets are properly utilized and protected.

The bundle, priced at $995 per CPU, includes Quest vRanger Pro (a VMware backup, replication, and recovery solution) as well as capacity management and optimization technology from VKernel’s vOps Server Standard Edition.

Designed for small and midsize businesses, vFundamentals provides virtualization and systems administrators with a cost-effective, scalable solution that requires minimal customization and can be put into production quickly, enabling them to protect, manage and optimize their growing VMware virtual environments.

With backup features certified VMware Ready for vSphere 5, vRanger Pro delivers highly optimized virtual data protection. It features an active block mapping technology that reduces network payload and storage space requirements. Its parallel job execution and dynamic resource management capabilities enable users to scale with confidence.

VKernel’s vOps Server Standard Edition simplifies capacity planning by enabling users to visualize multiple capacity issues at a glance, calculate remaining available VM slots, forecast future resource requirements and reserve capacity for planned deployments, and predict future capacity bottlenecks.

For resource optimization, VKernel’s technology also collects information directly from VMware’s vCenter and analyzes thousands of data points across the entire virtual environment, giving users the ability to quickly and easily identify resource efficiency issues, make resource allocation recommendations, and safely and automatically resize virtual machines.

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