QualiSystems Gives Manual Testers Automation Benefits to Accelerate, Improve Testing

Helps users reduce testing configuration, provisioning time.

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QualiSystems has released TestShell 4.7, the latest version of its end-to-end software framework for lab management, device provisioning, and test automation. Now, manual testers will be able to incorporate automated elements into the labor-intensive process of network testing, thereby simplifying and speeding set-up, testing, and completion time.

With TestShell 4.7, some manual testers have already managed to accelerate set-up time from three days to just 20 minutes, which translated to reducing time needed to test as well as increasing testing coverage because a higher number of tests can be performed without delaying release-time.

TestShell 4.7 adds the capability to directly launch customizable commands from the active topology diagram on the computer screen. Time-consuming provisioning tasks -- such as restart equipment, upload or upgrade versions, and firmware -- are now easily activated using automated commands directly from the diagram on the TestShell screen.

Through integration between the topology and Power Distribution Units (PDUs), equipment can be turned on and off directly from the topology. The customer can benefit power and cost savings as the lab equipment can be powered on only when in use.

Other new features include tapping via embedded Layer-1 switch control, which simplifies adding analyzers to planned or active topologies to understand connection issues. Users can drag tapping lines between the transmitter and sniffer similar to how they can drag the lines to define connectivity between devices. GUI Automation allows engineers to control web applications on all the major browsers including Chrome, Safari (5.0 and higher), Firefox 8, and Internet Explorer 9.

“The TestShell Framework enables an increase in equipment utilization, lab performance and significant test performance,” says Eitan Lavie, vice president of product management and marketing at QualiSystems. “With TestShell 4.7, manual testers can streamline the testing process, even without the adoption of a fully automated platform, thereby gaining quick control of lab equipment and reducing the time it takes to prepare the testing environment.”

More information is available at www.qualisystems.com/tsdemo.

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