STORServer Updates Data Backup Appliance Line

A backup appliance for every budget and enterprise need.

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STORServer, a data backup solutions provider for the mid-market, has released four major product upgrades to its line of data backup appliances. The company, which sells exclusively through resellers, now offers a backup appliance for every budget and environment.

New BA Series Backup Appliance: STORServer is unveiling its new entry-level BA series backup appliance for office or data center customers with one to seven terabytes of data to back up, per backup appliance suitable for customers needing a cost-conscious, fully automated, one-price solution. The BA series backup appliance is a compact, fully integrated solution for backup and archive, and supports multiple disaster recovery options. The BA appliance includes a 15 terabyte disk-based storage pool driven by a 6-core processor server with 32 gigabytes of memory, keeping pace with the most demanding data deduplication and virtual machine backup requirements.

Updated Enterprise Backup Appliances (EBA): Streamlined servers, new technology, and functionality with larger storage choices now outline a complete update of STORServer’s flagship appliance for enterprise operations. Customized to meet an organization’s current and future business continuity requirements, the EBA offers flexibility in hardware and software choices in a fully integrated backup, archive, and disaster recovery solution that supports the entire enterprise. From multiple platforms and complex network schemes to remote and virtual environments, the EBA is targeted for organizations requiring less than 10 terabytes up to one petabyte of data storage.

Enhanced Pricing on Instant Restore (IR) Appliances: Based on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack, STORServer’s IR Appliance now fits into any Windows or Linux environment as easy to learn and easy to manage appliance. Packaged in 2U offerings, the IR backs up and restores applications and user data within minutes while full data recovery runs in the background. The IR Appliance technology maps blocks to files and application data, making it possible to restore quickly from a single snapshot. It seamlessly integrates with all network connections (NAS, SAN, LAN, and WAN) and hundreds of storage devices. Quick to implement, simple to run, and inexpensive to maintain, the IR Appliance solves backup and disaster recovery for the small data center and remote or branch operations in the largest enterprises.

Standalone Sales of STORServer Console (SSC): The driving component of STORServer’s purpose-built backup appliances, SSC is now available as a standalone console for all IBM Tivoli Storage Manager installations. The software allows users to configure and manage their Tivoli Storage Manager environment with a single, intuitive user interface. Monitoring and reporting features keep users apprised of server activities in real time with alerts available for a wide variety of storage conditions.

You can learn more about STORServer’s data backup solutions here.

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