DB Power Studio XE3 Extends Database Management Features

Improved efficiencies, scalability for database management and development.

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Embarcadero Technologies, a software solutions provider for application and database development, has updated its database management and development platform, DB Power Studio XE3. The solution is designed to bring speed and efficiency to database management with a single, easy-to-use suite of tools; the XE3 version’s enhancements improve both performance and availability of databases.

Among the improvements: increased coverage across database platforms. DB Power Studio XE3 delivers multiple feature enhancements for each product in the suite, including DB Artisan, Rapid SQL, and DB Optimizer, as well as direct access to our highly trained support team.

DBArtisan and Rapid SQL: DBArtisan no longer requires a database client. Instead, it can directly connect to the database without the usual hassles and extra steps. DBArtisan and Rapid SQL also provide introductory support for Sybase IQ. Other key enhancements to both DBArtisan and Rapid SQL include connectivity updates such as direct Type 4 JDBC driver support and Oracle/Sybase client selection support. Additionally, Sybase IQ support features include:

  • Register and connect to Sybase IQ data sources

  • Explorer visibility of the following object types: DBSpaces, Domains, Foreign Keys, Functions, Groups, Indexes, Join Indexes, Primary Keys, Procedures, System Indexes, System Tables, System Triggers, Tables, Triggers, Users, and Views

  • Extract and Drop object actions are available for all supported object types

  • Database Monitor functionality providing live details on connected users and table locks as well as status information

  • SQL Editor support

DB Optimizer: Embarcadero was one of the first to recognize the importance of Visual SQL Tuning tools, and the latest version of DB Optimizer introduces tuning reports, which enable increased collaboration between database administrators and managers. This significantly cuts down on time associated with query tuning. With XE3, DB Optimizer is also introducing key profiling updates, such as enhanced filtering for profiling sessions and improved repository management when capturing profiles into a database.

For more information or to download DB Power Studio XE3, visit www.embarcadero.com/products/db-powerstudio-xe.

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