Keynote Launches Web Privacy Tracking, Compliance Monitoring Service

Subscription-based round-the-clock Web privacy monitoring service helps Web site operators quickly pinpoint third-party trackers that violate privacy policies.

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Keynote Systems has unveiled a new on-demand service for addressing growing Web privacy issues stemming from online behavioral targeting. The new service, Keynote Web Privacy Tracking, goes beyond traditional monitoring and identifies third-party tracking in violation of a site’s own stated privacy policy.

Keynote’s service monitors Web sites and records all of the tracking activity present, such as cookies being placed on the browser. Keynote then matches that activity against a database of over 600 tracking companies and over 1,000 tracking domains, providing details on what privacy policies are being violated. Additionally, the Keynote Referrer Chain feature provides a detailed record for how the third-party violator came to be on the site and an audit trail of each handoff in the ad request.

Unlike existing privacy testing solutions, Keynote Web Privacy Tracking applies a proven 24/7 monitoring technology to address the growing concerns over the impact of third-party trackers on Internet privacy.

Monitoring is performed from up to 70 geographic locations and covering 28 countries in the United States and Europe and runs 24/7. Keynote Web Privacy Tracking helps enterprises understand the precise location and size of potential privacy issues, including risks arising from variations in how ad networks deliver geo-targeted content. Once privacy violations are found, Keynote provides detailed and actionable records that enable a site owner to manage policy violations with the ad network directly responsible for bringing a violator to the Web site. Keynote’s solution also features one-click analysis and reporting – once a site operator finds someone violating a company’s own stated privacy policy, with the click of a button a site operator can drill-down for further information.

Keynote Web Privacy Tracking’s comprehensive tracking database provides site operators with detailed information for each third-party tracker on their site. Site owners can then export the Keynote Web Privacy Tracking Report and share it with co-workers and ad network partners to take immediate corrective action that reduces their exposure to privacy violations.

Keynote Web Privacy Tracking is priced as low as $200 USD per month. More information is available at

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