Symtrax Announces Compleo Designer

Converts structured ERP output into graphic-rich business documents.

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Symtrax’s new Compleo Designer converts structured ERP output into graphic rich business documents without programming or ABAP. Its intuitive interface allows users to view structured data outputs and build templates that format the text, add barcodes, images, electronic signatures, tables etc. and enrich them with data from external databases. Final documents are then automatically delivered as PDFs via e-mail, printed, or faxed.

Compleo Designer quickly and easily adapts documents to changes in requirements. The process is simple: users retrieve data from a structured output (IDOC, XSF, RDI for SAP, or XML for other ERPs) without creating a spool file. Then, using a powerful graphical interface, reformatting of the final documents is quickly accomplished.

This one-time process creates a template that is then automatically applied to the output stream on an ongoing basis. The interface creates an intuitive visualization of the structured output, allowing users to drag and drop document elements to create the final rendition.

Compleo Designer also organizes the layout of your documents: page breaks are created automatically; page numbering is easy to create and the “tags format” can be modified (move the negative sign after the data, convert decimal value, etc.) which then modifies all other documents which have the same tag.

Compleo Designer, available now, is available as a free 10-day trial. For more information and downloads, visit

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