Ixia Launches Professional Services for Validating, Testing Enterprise Networks

Testing-as-a-Service helps companies avoid risk, demonstrate ROI.

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Ixia, a global provider of converged IP and wireless network test solutions, has launched a suite of professional testing services that improve IT efficiency and operational excellence by enabling enterprises to accelerate the assessment and deployment of new equipment and technologies.

Requiring no capital investment in equipment or staff, Ixia’s new Professional Services solutions experts help enterprise IT executives quickly and cost-effectively validate network performance, scalability, and accessibility when rolling out new services, applications, and technologies. Ixia’s global team of consultants helps to ensure the timely success of pivotal enterprise initiatives such as ultra-low-latency strategies, Wi-Fi, data center consolidation, cloud computing, virtualization, VoIP, video, e-commerce, security, and IPv6 migration.

Enterprise IT executives must constantly justify and quantify the ROI for investments in new equipment and technologies. Conducting comprehensive pre-purchase and pre-deployment assessments enables IT managers to prove the investment they make can meet real-world expectations. Proper testing ensures changes and upgrades to the IT infrastructure satisfy key business objectives such as enhancing the quality and availability of applications, security compliance, and industry competitiveness -- with no costly downtime or risk to the corporate brand.

Ixia’s Professional Services Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) suite was developed using enterprise-focused, market-based criteria to help business unit leaders ensure network performance. Ixia Professional Services bring decades of experience to developing and customizing testing solutions that fit the timely and ongoing needs of individual companies and industries without the need to invest in building and maintaining a test lab.

Ixia testing services includes simulating real-world conditions, stressing networks and devices, and working with enterprise IT architects to optimize scalability, security, reliability, and compliance across LANs, WANs, WLANs, and Web- or cloud-based services. Enterprise assessment services provide IT managers with quantifiable data needed to make informed decisions about IT infrastructure and business operations including:

  • Site and readiness assessments
  • Network design
  • Vendor/device selection
  • Interoperability testing
  • SLA definition
  • Network and traffic condition modeling to ensure the highest end-user quality of experience (QoE)

Ixia’s Professional Services TaaS suites leverage Ixia’s test systems used by network equipment manufacturers and service providers worldwide during development, including: IxNetwork, IxLoad, IxVeriWave, IxVM, IxANVL, and IxChariot.   Enterprises can leverage Ixia’s test methodology using comprehensive automated test suites. Ixia’s global testing organization can quickly and efficiently perform multi-site assessments on a worldwide basis.

More information is available here.

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