Absolute Manage 6.1 Helps Streamline, Automate Enrollment of BOYD Hardware

Includes new BYOD Policy Implementation Guide that provides a process broken into three basic steps so organizations can easily build and launch their own BYOD policy.

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Absolute Software Corporation, a provider of firmware-embedded, persistent endpoint security and management solutions, has released Absolute Manage 6.1. The updated solution includes expanded “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) support for ultra-portable devices.

With the release of Absolute Manage 6.1, the BYOD tasks required to enroll employees and their devices onto the corporate network have been automated for IT. Rather than dealing with each device on an employee-by-employee basis, IT can rely on an automated workflow to guide the employee through the enrolment process. This includes the presentation of a legal agreement the employee must accept in order to enroll their device, providing IT with the right to perform actions on the device in the event of a security incident or if the device status is non-compliant.

Along with the new, automated workflow, Absolute Software has created a BYOD Policy Implementation Guide that provides a thoughtful yet succinct process broken down into three basic steps so that organizations can easily build and launch their own BYOD policy.

Absolute Manage 6.1 provides additional capabilities for ultra-portable devices, including the ability to automate IT commands based on predefined conditions including turning off roaming, demoting a device to unmanaged status, alerting IT, and sending a message to the user. And since Absolute Manage provides support for all form factors, additional features are available for PC and Mac devices as well, including detailed encryption status reporting.

Absolute Manage 6.1 is available now; more information is available at www.absolute.com/absolutemanage.

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