Xsigo Data Center Fabric Line Upgrades Leading Open-Fabric Architecture

Vendor-neutral fabric improves software defined networking (SDN) management, supports five major hypervisors with 56 Gbps server-to-server connections.

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Xsigo Systems, Inc., a data center fabric deployment and technology specialist, has released the Xsigo Data Center Fabric product line that features improved hardware and software products currently used in 300 fabric deployments.

“The announcement is in response to a sharp uptake in demand for complete, vendor-neutral fabric solutions,” Lloyd Carney, CEO of Xsigo, said. “Our open approach is the most cost-effective way to move to a fabric architecture because Xsigo lets data center managers use existing server, virtualization, and storage equipment and gives them the freedom to choose the best vendor in the future.”

Xsigo Data Center Fabric is an open fabric solution designed to work with equipment from all server, storage, and virtualization vendors. The primary products in the new line consists of:

  • Xsigo Fabric Director: A hardware and software solution to build fabrics using both 10G Ethernet or InfiniBand; supports Fibre Channel connections to existing SANs

  • Xsigo Fabric Manager: A software defined network (SDN) solution to manage all I/O connections in a data center from a single graphical interface; works with x86 servers, storage, and network equipment from multiple vendors using an open, standards-based architecture

  • Xsigo Fabric Accelerator: A software solution to manage both Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic within the Xsigo fabric

New features of the Xsigo Data Center Fabric product line include:

  • Support for all five major hypervisors: Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Machine, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and VMware vSphere

  • Support for the new generations of servers optimized for virtualized data centers: HP Gen 8, Dell 12th Generation, and IBM M4 series servers

  • Improved connectivity with up to 56 Gbps server-to-server communications using InifiniBand and a new 4 x 10Gb Ethernet moduleNew software performance manager to optimize data center efficiency

More information is available at www.xsigo.com.

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