New Technology Converts Desktop Web Sites to Mobile-Ready Sites

Womple, a Web-to-mobile conversion company, helps businesses take advantage of the rapid shift to mobile browsing, stay connected with customers.

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Womple today launched its Web-based service that makes regular Web sites mobile ready, making them effective and searchable on smartphone browsers. Womple design engine makes the transition to mobile easy and affordable for small and midsize businesses.

According to Google, 61 percent of mobile users contact a business immediately after searching and 50 percent of searches lead to direct sales. From restaurants to real estate agents to car dealerships, virtually every business needs to consider the rapid shift to mobile and its impact on how consumers access information and make buying decisions.

Because each business is different, Womple’s platform offers a unique approach to building mobile Web sites. Womple does not force customers to settle for generic templates and designs. Instead, it transitions a client’s overall branding and messaging directly to mobile. The ability to convert an existing Web site to mobile, maintaining its original colors, logo, and overall branding, is made possible by the company’s proprietary technology.

Womple’s mobile Web sites remain automatically in sync with the regular Web site. Changes, including text, images and content, made on the regular site are reflected in real-time on the mobile site. Customers only need to manage one Web site.

With any mobile Web site, the challenge is creating simple navigation, usability and offering a dynamic Web experience. Womple’s features engage users and help businesses stay connected. Womple offers the following features:

  • Converts any portion of your regular Web site to mobile ready in minutes

  • Automatically syncs with content on the regular Web site

  • Creates iPhone and Android apps to let customers reach you directly from their phones

  • Integrates Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flicker

  • Works on all mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows)

  • Delivers a variety of mobile tools, including GPS, Google Maps, a QR code generator, one-touch calling, seamless cloud support, and analytics

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