ScaleXtreme Releases Free Self-Service Cloud Portal

Open-source code makes it easy for enterprises to create an internal, self-service cloud portal for provisioning and deployment.

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ScaleXtreme, a cloud-based monitoring and systems management solution provider, has released free software for enterprises to build internal cloud dashboards and self-service portals for developers and other end users. The solution helps users create a new public cloud instance as easily as using a vending machine. Existing and new customers can get started building their own internal, on-premise self-service portal by downloading open-source cod located here.

Many organizations find that allowing developers and end users to provision public cloud servers can dramatically drive down costs and improve satisfaction. Organizations want to balance these new capabilities with an interface that hides the complexity of cloud computing from users and provides appropriate cost controls and spending visibility. They want to ensure cloud servers are monitored, compliant with security policies, and have been appropriately patched.

ScaleXtreme’s new on-premise cloud portal works directly with ScaleXtreme’s cloud service through standards-compliant REST APIs. It takes advantage of ScaleXtreme’s monitoring, budgeting, patch management, cloud provisioning, and automation capabilities.

ScaleXtreme developed the self-service portal for enterprises that have adopted public cloud as a way to save money and increase agility but quickly found they lacked visibility and control and wanted to build a simplified dashboard and portal to enable widespread usage of the public cloud.

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