Sanbolic Melio’s Data Management Platform Extended

New software module enables cost-effective performance, scale-out, and application high availability in mixed HDD, flash memory, and SSD deployments.

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Sanbolic, a specialist in distributed data management, has released Melio Latency Targeted Allocator (LTA), a storage management and performance module enhancement to its Melio data management platform that enables cost-effective performance, scale-out, and application high availability (HA) in mixed hard disk drive (HDD), flash memory, and solid state disk (SSD) deployments.

With Sanbolic Melio, featuring the LTA enhancement, customers will benefit from a more flexible, scalable, and highly available storage environment thanks to the incorporation of flash memory to accelerate their physical, virtual, and cloud workloads. The resulting platform enables real operational value by increasing performance while reducing capital and operational costs (CapEx and OpEx) without having to sacrifice the requirements of business critical applications.

NAND flash memory can provide dramatic performance improvements across business critical applications, but it can present challenges, including management and resource utilization, and a lack of high availability. Moreover, with most SSDs, customers are forced to make storage media choices that result in inefficient deployments instead of enabling businesses to drastically improve their overall storage infrastructure and application availability.

Sanbolic’s Melio, featuring the new LTA, augments customers’ IT investments and allows for the creation of an application-aware shared storage architecture. Melio software integrates advanced data and volume management capabilities, including: software RAID stack, rapid resource provisioning, snapshots, disaster recovery (DR), quality of service (QoS) and storage live migration into a workload-, hypervisor-, and hardware-agnostic offering. The solution enables customers to consolidate, protect, and manage physical and virtual workloads, enabling a more agile, efficient, and scalable shared cluster of business critical applications across private and public clouds.

The unique benefits derived from the Sanbolic Melio Platform, featuring the new LTA include:

  • Multi-workload, multi-hypervisor, and multi-site support for maximum flexibility

  • Increased application availability through active-active access to critical data, independent of the underlying storage hardware

  • The ability to dynamically provision storage, data-protection levels, and QoS to ensure consistent application performance and align with user-defined policies

  • Centralized management of resources to improve utilization and reduce storage-related costs and complexity

Sanbolic Melio software, featuring the new LTA is now generally available and priced at MSRP $9,600 USD (includes one year of support). More information is available at

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