Varonis Reduces Costs, Pain of Data Governance

Varonis releases new, flexible architecture designed to boost efficiency, reduce overhead, and simplify management.

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Varonis Systems Inc. has released version 5.8 of Varonis DatAdvantage, improving flexibility, ease of management, cost-effective data governance for unstructured and semi-structured data while reducing system and network overhead.

The updated solution includes improvements to the architecture, most notably the introduction of internally developed collectors that can run in addition to -- or instead of -- Varonis probes running Microsoft SQL. The new collectors can compile the information without SQL server, reducing the financial and operational overheads associated with a database, improving performance, and making them easier to implement.

Performance is also enhanced with the introduction of an incremental file walk. Rather than walking the entire file structure daily, organizations need only scan files for permission changes that have been accessed, increasing overall efficiency while reducing bandwidth.

Users will also benefit from a new management console, scheduler, and command-line interface designed to allow for all tasks to be managed from a single point, including the addition and removal of probes, file servers, and domains.

Other features in Version 5.8 include:

  • Database separation: SQL will no longer be required to be installed on the same hosts as Varonis components, increasing architecture flexibility and reducing total cost of ownership

  • Auditing actions: full audit of activities within DatAdvantage increases organizational security posture by providing immediate accountability for administrators.

  • User and group creation: Users and groups can be created and edited from the DatAdvantage interface, increasing administrative functionality and flexibility.

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