Ixia Removes Performance-Robbing Packets from Data Center Networks

Anue Advanced Feature Module 16 cuts network traffic load in half to improve visibility into network, application, and security performance.

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Ixia has introduced its Anue Advanced Feature Module 16 (AFM16) that provides advanced packet processing technologies to eliminate redundant network traffic, secure sensitive data, and enhance monitoring tool effectiveness. It is designed specifically to enhance network and application performance at large enterprises and data centers.

AFM16 and Network Visibility Operating System v3.7 are available for the high-density Anue NTO solutions. Together they ensure that the network traffic delivered to application, network performance and security monitoring tools is optimized to provide accurate and efficient monitoring:

The AFM16 works with the custom dynamic filtering capabilities of the Ixia Anue NTO 5288 to filter and eliminate redundant data packets generated by SPAN ports, TAPs, and port-mirrored virtual traffic before they reach monitoring tools, significantly improving tool performance.

The combined AFM16 and Anue 5288 NTO solution:

  • Hosts up to four 16-port advanced feature modules, allowing up to 640 Gbps of non-blocking advanced packet processing in a 2-RU chassis
  • Eliminates duplicate traffic before it reaches the monitoring tools, improving tool performance and accuracy
  • Helps customers meet SOX, HIPAA, and PCI compliance by trimming sensitive data from packets prior to analysis and storage

The Ixia Anue NTO management software v3.7 unifies management across all Anue NTO platforms while offering the following additional features to improve overall network visibility:

  • Standard VLAN stripping on all ports, which enables a great number of tools to be used for traffic analysis
  • Custom dynamic filtering enables filtering on nonstandard attributes
  • Remote authentication by RADIUS and Microsoft Active Directory eases user management, enables collaboration, and improves security posture

To learn more about Ixia’s Anue AFM16 and the Anue Net Tool Optimizer, visit www.ixiacom.com.

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