Fujitsu Offers High-End x86 Servers as UNIX Alternative

Fujitsu is incorporating high-performance Intel Xeon processors in a new line of PRIMEQUEST high-end servers positioned as alternative hardware choices for enterprises looking to migrate off UNIX systems to run mission-critical apps like ERP and databases.

"Fujitsu’s top-of-the-range x86-based servers are designed to provide a new path for customers currently running highly-demanding environments on UNIX based systems, such as SAP ERP systems, and Oracle databases," the company said in a statement last week. "What’s more is that PRIMEQUEST is certified for SAP’s in-memory database, SAP HANA."

The PRIMEQUEST family of servers now boasts the latest high-performance processors from Intel -- the Intel Xeon Processor E7 v4 family -- just introduced last week.

The chips feature "the industry's largest memory capacity per socket, advanced reliability and hardware enhanced security for real-time analytics so that businesses can rapidly gain actionable insights from massive and complex data sets," Intel said.

"The new-generation FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST line-up has been updated with the latest Intel Xeon processor E7-8800/4800 v4 product family, reaching unprecedented levels of performance from x86-based servers, as proven by several benchmarks in general and technical computing as well as business processing," Fujitsu said. "With the latest enhancements, customers can now be more confident than ever in their choice of mission-critical computing technology based on truly open standards as a viable alternative to UNIX-based systems, in terms of system performance, reliability and security."

The product introduction is the latest example of x86-based hardware playing catch-up in the high-end enterprise datacenter, Fujitsu indicated.

"Fujitsu is introducing its fastest and most robust x86-based models just as the market reaches the tipping point where x86-based architecture is poised to climb past 50 percent of overall server sales, according to the latest predictions in the Gartner Forecast: Servers, All Countries, 2013-2020, 1Q16 Update -- published on April 8, 2016 by Gartner," the company said. "Furthermore, research by Veeam confirms that mission-critical workloads are accounting for an ever-rising share of datacenter infrastructure workloads, underlining the need for robust, hardened x86-based systems."

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