Security Messaging

Security: IT Shops Unprepared to Police Social Media in the Enterprise

Few IT organizations are prepared to manage the use of social media in the enterprise. This is particularly true from a security perspective.

Spam Takes a Holiday

Talk about post-Christmas letdowns: spam volumes tanked after December 25th. What happened -- and can it last?

A Tough Year that Could Have Been Worse

Security admins faced a host of vulnerabilities and new attacks in 2010, but the nightmare scenarios that could've kept security pros up at night blessedly didn't come to pass.

Latest Spam and Phishing Trends Revealed in Symantec Report

Spam dominates e-mail; phishing attacks mimic support chat sessions.

Dramatic Rise in Malware

The malware calm in the midst of a raging spam storm was almost eerie. Until last month, that is, when things took a turn -- for the worst.

Q&A: The State of IT Security

Recommendations for making data safer that won’t decimate your IT budget.

Virus Activity Drop: Calm Before a Stormy Summer?

What accounts for the near-disappearance of virus activity last month? One explanation: even spammers need to invest time in research and development.

Securing a Virtualized E-mail System

The optimal solution for most companies looking to lower the operating expenses associated with an e-mail environment through virtualization is to deploy a hybrid approach.

E-mail Attachments: Misperceptions That Can Compromise Security

Organizations may be under several misunderstandings about the safety of their e-mail attachments. We explore the risks and corrective action IT can take to reduce the vulnerabilities.

Security: Spam for the Holidays

This year, spammers are more proactive than ever, and that has some security researchers worried.

State of Spam: Dramatic Rise in Volume, Size, and Malware

The prevalence of spam-based malware increased dramatically in September, surging by 900 percent.

Phishing Attacks Surge

Phishing activity increased by almost 40 percent in a 12 month period.

The Year in Security and the Fresh Problems Ahead

All things considered, 2008 was a quiet but industrious year on the security front.

Analysis: Behind Symantec's MessageLabs Play

Symantec spent more than half a billion dollars to buy its way into the SaaS e-mail and Web security segments

PGP: Encryption Everywhere

PGP Corporation may have the handle on protecting sensitive data everywhere

A Loaf, a Phish, and a Reputation

Spam and phishing attacks are getting worse, and new Web threats will complicate networks until some reputations are established

Security: A Look Back and the Year Ahead

From smarter criminals to network access protection, IT is going to have its hands full in 2007.

Symantec Announces Security Enhancement Tools for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Symantec Corp. is first out of the gate to announce companion products to Microsoft’s updated Exchange Server 2007

Simple Steps to IM Management

IT needs to adopt a multi-step approach—moving from denial to active management—and address enterprise IM use.

Five Tips for Securing VoIP

Thanks to immature standards, competing protocols, and nascent products, keeping VoIP secure isn’t easy. Here’s where to start.