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Altus Service Helps Enterprises Make the Most of Video for Mobile Users

Are you getting the biggest bang for your buck from your video assets? Today, Altus Learning Systems (www.altuscorp.com) launched an enterprise video search tool that's optimized for mobile devices including the Blackberry, Android-based devices, iPhone, and iPad.

vSearch Mobile strikes me as a useful tool for its target audience: sales teams and enterprises that want to improve their knowledge sharing.

Imagine being able to enter a key word or phrase and finding, selecting, and playing how-to demos (if you're an end user) or troubleshooting videos (if you're on the help desk) that match your term or phrase. vSearch Mobile is a software-as-a-service solution that stores, manages, and makes searchable by keyword your rich media. (Storing your video on their service may also appear to enterprises looking to outsource bandwidth issues, since video is a notoriously demanding medium.)

The program doesn't just display a list of matching media -- click on a match and the service takes you to the exact point in the video that's relevant. In addition, users can even mark videos in search results and save them in a collection for later retrieval.

For enterprises, accuracy is a top priority. Although Altus can rely on voice recognition to convert audio to text, it also offers a much more reliable (and accurate) transcription service, taking your video and attaching a transcript to your video. Better yet, if your device's screen is large enough (on tablets such as an iPad or on your PC, for example), the program lets you read the transcription (say, of a narrated PowerPoint presentation) as you listen to the speaker, keeping transcript and audio in sync.

If you want to distribute sales pitches remotely and around the clock (a key requirement in the global marketplace) or if you need to provide partners or users with the latest news about your products, you need to put your video assets to work. Altus' vSearch Mobile may be what you need to get it done.

-- James E. Powell
Editorial Director, ESJ

Posted by Jim Powell on 06/16/2010

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