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Old Meets New: Monitor Mainframes from Your iPad

William Data System's z/OS network management suite, ZEN, has been ported to Apple's iPad. The company says the program lets users (typically IT support staff) monitor the performance of z/OS networks in real time.

"IBM continues to future-proof mainframes to maximize the reliability and scalability that millions of users rely on every day, often without realizing what enables their daily

transactions. Twenty-first century technology components already contribute to z/OS mainframe capabilities so William Data Systems looked at the mobile user end of the network and decided the current mobile device of choice is an Apple iPad," the company said in a release.

WDS says that "minimal development" was needed for the port, including taking advantage of the iPad's touch screen capabilities.

More information about ZEN can be found on the company's Web site http://www.willdata.com.

-- James E. Powell
Editorial Director, ESJ


Posted on 08/25/2010

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