February 1999


Euro Change

The Band is Playing... It's Time to Punch Your Euro Dance Card!

Editorial: A Bug's Life... a la Milennium

The Year's, er, Decade's, uh, Century's... no Millennium's Blockbuster Hit!

Inside IBM

IBM Global Services Licenses Y2K Database, IBM Reaches FIPS Level 4, Real-time with Sametime, IBM Thin Clients

Countdown to Year 2000

Assessing Your Y2K Conversion

Database Recovery When Data Sharing

In a data sharing environment, where multiple DB2 subsystems read and update tables in shared mode, database recovery becomes more complex behind the scenes. Discover the major components involved in database recovery changes made in DB2 to support database recovery and some performance issues related to tecovery.

DB2 Security with All the Trimmings

As companies grow and their employee bases increase, database administrators struggle with DB2 security issues and ways to enhance their systems by time and cost-saving processes.


Scalability Implications for Relational Databases

Data warehousing has changed the face of competition in many industries. But, to become a truly strategic resource, the warehouse must be able to accommodate more data than you think you have, more users than you know exist, more complexity than the best DBAs could tune for - and do these things in a cost-effective manner

Fault Free Software

The advantages and necessitites of a Year 2000 automated software inspection can help locate software faults that extensive testing could miss, as well as aid companies in producing higher reliability software, on time and within budget.

Industry News

MicroEdge's VAR Partnership Program, HP Wins A-List Award, the latest in Y2K Products, MVS Integrates with SystemPac.

Drill Down

Digital Libraries in Data Warehousing

Personal Computers and the Year 2000

For those who think that the Y2K problem will only spell trouble for mainframes - guess again! PC users will find just as much difficulty locating and fixing problems as their "big brothers" will.

Capacity Planning in Distributed Environments, Part 2

In the conclusion of his two-part article, third-party, capacity planning offerings, the cost-effectiveness of distributed computing and controlling "service levels" of projected workloads are explored.

Fast, Global Access to DB2 Data Assured for Employers Reinsurance Corporation

Employer's Reinsurance has deployed Cisco Database Connection and StarQuest's StarSQL Enterprise Edition data access middleware to connect thousands of Windows NT desktops located throughout the world via TCP/IP to its centralized IBM DB2 databases.