January 1999


Practical Y2K Suggestions from Practical Experience

Saddled with the responsibility of the collection and distribution of fare data for over 550 airlines worldwide, The Airline Tariff Publishing Company reveals how it is facing the Y2K problem by converting its legacy applications.

Industry News

Mainframe Data for Open Systems Environments, KeyLink/Dickens Participates in IBM Net.Commerce, Direct JDBC for IBM DB2, IT Spending on the Decline, User-Based Y2K Toolset Pricing.

Countdown to Year 2000

Happy Days Again! The Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act.

An ERP Brew: StreamServe and SAP Enable Data Access at European Brewery

There's something brewing in Holland's Bavaria NV besides beer. The brewery found the Swedish software company StreamServe to provide an intelligent output management software package that would help enable individual system users to quickly retrieve the data needed to perform their jobs, while improving efficiency in every area from sales and distribution management to warehouse management and financial reporting.

Inside IBM

AT&T Acquires IBM's Global Network Business, G5 Server, Domino Scalability on AS/400, Targeted Online Marketing Service, AS/400 10th Anniversary, Small Business Solutions for Windows NT.

Need to Add Capabilities to Your Network? Warm Up the Forklift, or Install an Intelligent Infrastructure

In the beginning, there was Ethernet. As users exploited dedicated bandwidth, the links between switches became overloaded, and you can't wait for Gigabit standards. An ATM intelligent infrastructure can address the routing, management and distribution process with today's networks.

IBM Teams with ISVs to Extend ERP Reach

Independent software vendors form an alliance with Big Blue in order to deliver total solutions that increase the benefits and minimize the anguish of converting to an ERP platform.

Drill Down

Texas Medicaid fights fraud and waste as Data Warehousing Drives Supercomputing into the Corporate Mainstream.

To Buy or Not to Buy? Software Regulatory Compliance of Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

The key requirements and the trade-off between building a system in-house vs. purchasing an off-the-shelf application are examined, along with the critical role ERP integration plays in driving payback and competitive advantage from an environmental, health safety system investment.

Preparing for the Inevitable

For life insurance corporation General American Life, migration many of its applications to clent/server was one thing, but having to get the mainframe and client/server to coexist - and training associates to work in this combined environment - was another.


Distributed Capacity Planning, Part 1

While integrating distributed applications in a complex environment, it is important to not only learn the history of the process, but to understand the importance of service management, scalability and compatability.