June 2000


June Humor

Healthcare Security Regulations: Challenges or Opportunities?

In the Internet era, comprehensive security protections in the enterprise data network must be a central part of any organization. And with the dreaded Y2K projects behind us, data security and privacy protection becomes the most challenging topic for almost any industry - especially important for healthcare.

EAI Middleware: Heterogeneous Computing Comes of Age

Communication and database middleware products have been offered for some time now as a means to drive complexity out of projects where you need to integrate heterogeneous software and data resources. The move from older middleware to newer middleware is a result of adopting enterprise application ERP and CRM products. With adoption of these packages came the need to make them talk to each other.

Web-to-Host Connections: Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Accessing OS/390 Data from Windows Applications: Using an Authorized Subsystem as a Server

The industry has been trying to marry the mainframe and distributed systems environments to provide transparent data access for the past decade. Although various offerings have been developed and presented as Universal Data Access, so far, realtime Universal Data Access has been unattainable.

June Industry News

Vertical Markets Equals Vertical Opps: Industry Strategies to Drive IBM’s S/390 Platform Deployment

Between the external market forces driven by e-business trends in all their flavors and the internal chaos being visited on enterprise IT staffs as they accommodate a dizzying array of intranets, extranets and their integration into the public Internet, IBM is settling on a strategy for its S/390 Multiprise 3000 enterprise server that revolves around solving industry-specific issues.

E-Commerce: “I” Before “E”: Logistics and the Emergence of Inter-Enterprise Solutions

Get Focused: Nine Steps to Better Host Integration

Host-integration projects have a deserved reputation for being large, complex and time-comsuming. The good news is that there are simple steps that enterprise data center managers or network administrators can do to speed up projects, improve user satisfaction and save money at the same time. Here is a list of nine steps to follow before executing your plan.

Editorial: Stuck in the Middle ... Again

Business Intelligence: The BI Portal

Building the Bridge: Online Communications Between Heterogeneous Applications Helps Fight Welfare Fraud

The ability of different departments within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to query each other's data online is helping to fight welfare fraud. A store-and-forward messaging system based on IBM's MQSeries system provides realtime and batch communications to a wide range of agencies running the MVS, AIX, Windows NT, Windows 95 and HP-UX operating systems.

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