October 2000


Business Intelligence: Quality Assurance

Come Into the Cold: Computer Output to Laser Disk System Saves 13,800 Hours in Access Time

Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. needed to find a way to reduce the amount of time clerks spent searching through stored data in order to answer inquiries. The move from a microfiche-based storage system to a computer output to laser disk (COLD) system in 1996 saved the firm 13,800 hours per year in time, previously spent searching for payroll, benefits and human resources information.


Defragmenters Unite: Boosting Performance on Windows NT/2000

Slow performance from Windows NT/2000 makes you feel like falling to pieces? Network managers know that such performance can be improved by keeping files and free space defragmented. But, there are other benefits to defragmentation. In many cases, defragmentation software can provide an economical alternative to an upgrade of system hardware.


Web-to-Host Begins to Deliver on Its Promise

Enterprise Storage: Make DAFS, not SANs

Order in the Court: E-Business Brings Order to North Carolina's Highest Court

The paper produced by a single court case can be overwhelming. A long paper-based process can frustrate the lawyers, judges and clerks that need to file and retrieve legal information during this electronic age. The Supreme Court of North Carolina answered these concerns by implementing a new streamlined, Web-based document submission process that provides "anytime, anywhere" access to legal information.

A Winning Strategy for Messaging Migration: Step-by-Step Advice for Avoiding Migration Disasters

Explore many of the common pitfalls associated with messaging migrations and arm yourself with step-by-step guidelines for ensuring a seamless and productive process.

E-Commerce, E-Business, E-Everything: Applications, Problems, and (Hopefully) Solutions for an E-Commerce World

Businesses are adapting to the rapid introduction of new information technology by developing creative business models, designed to take advantage of what technology has to offer. Learn about several new business perspectives, and decide if it's time to rearrange your business approach.

Network Printing and ERP: Key Issues to Consider When Implementing an Output Management System

The success of an ERP implementation should be judged on the basis of its capability to deliver output when, where and in the form that its users need. It is strongly recommended that an output management strategy be formulated at the oustet of the ERP implementation project. Otherwise, there is a good chance that a large and unexpected percentage of the ERP implementation budget will be spent on correcting and building printing capabilities into the ERP system.

Editorial: Enter the Enterprise

Un-Conventional Thinking: Bally's Provides Fiber to Meetings

Las Vegas isn't all gambling, showgirls and Sigfried and Roy. It's become one of the nation's hot spots for conventions and trade shows. And competition for business is fierce. Bally's has met the challenge by rewiring their facilites with fiber optic cabling direct to floor pockets in convention and meeting rooms, making it possible to create networks that handle data, voice, video, audio and other media at any desired speed throughout its far-flung meeting areas.

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Data Assets: Forecasting Large Data Warehouse Applications in a Banking Environment

The Bank of America knows that keeping a competative edge means continually analyzing customer needs. Its Enterprise Data Warehouse, a DB2 database used for data mining, helps them meet their business goals. Recently, the bank upgraded the CPU processor to support this important application. Learn what steps were taken, and the results of the process.