February 2001


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Industry Watch

E-Business Opps: Banner Ads: Easy Money or Pandora's Box?

Up Front With: The Customer's Voice Does Matter

Sam Albert delves into IBM's Personal Computer Systems Group to reveal that the PSG is alive and well and that "The Customer's Voice Does Matter."

The Paper Chase: Deploying Enterprise Information Management in Today's Print-Oriented World

Enterprise Information Management architecture is a flexible, scalable and extensible solution that provides the right information, to the right users, at the right time, in the right format for their use. The GartnerGroup predicts that, by 2002, 50 percent of the information contained in an organization's externally directed mission-critical documents will be available to the recipient in electronic form. This observation demonstrates the shift toward understanding why EIM comprises the best of all forms of information delivery, and allows organizations to move to the immediate and more cost-effective means of electronic delivery of information when their plans dictate.

The Need for Speed: Global Publisher John Wiley & Sons Looks to LANSA for Its Internet Solution

Global publisher John Wiley & Sons extends its core applications with the help of LANSA and IBM in an effort to meet customer needs and provide timely information. With thousands of book titles, journals and subscriptions, Wiley customers include college and public book stores, libraries, corporations and end-consumers. Wiley can now service all of these organizations by providing online customer service with realtime information.

Business Intelligence: Counting on Business Metadata

The Industry: Now and Then

In this look at the past 10 years in the IT industry, pundits and professionals from the fields of data warehousing, e-business, the government sector -- even Linux! -- reflect on changes, both good and bad, and what is in store for the future.