Get Your Content Under Control!

The move to e-business might end with an exciting, interactive customer Web site backed by real-time databases and an information-at-your-fingertips intranet. But the first step is moving all that shared information to the Web. Content management systems are meant to ease the information overload—here's how they can forward your e-business plan.


Squeezing More Stuff into Less Storage Space

The economy has slowed, but data growth certainly hasn't. Our expert offers 10 tips to help you squeeze the most from your enterprise storage investment.

Tough Choices in Enterprise Storage

Newer networked storage topologies that capitalize on the simplicity of NAS and the scalability of a SAN will soon appear in the marketplace.

Brown&Williamson: Open All Night

A self-service extranet helped tobacco distributor Brown & Williamson automate its order-entry system and erase a time-consuming East Coast, West Coast divide.

Xand Turns to SANs

A New York-based managed service provider switched to a SAN solution from IBM to drive revenue and beef up customer value.

Get Your Content Under Control!

The rise in e-business makes it more important than ever to get a grip on your Web-based information assets. New tools can help you manage your Web content.