Locking Down the Enterprise

As the information security officer for an independent U.S. agency, Jim Craft is on a quest to secure information—whether inside government or in private industry. Enterprise Systems talks with him about the challenge of making everyone a security expert.


Storage's Endless Summer

While network attached storage has moved into the technology mainstream today, that wasn't so in 1992. In fact until recently, conventional wisdom held that such a technology would lead to anarchy.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

In the days before desktops, when IT was MIS and the words computer and mainframe were synonymous, non-MIS employees weren't supposed to understand, let alone attempt to learn about, anything digital. They weren't supposed to ask, and MIS wasn't supposed to tell.

The Next Big Thing

If you'll be making a purchase or recommendation in the area of Web-to-host, you'll need to know what's shaken out with recent acquisitions—and where some of the major vendors are headed.


E-Security: Growing Threats Require New Strategies

Reaching out to as many customers as possible means corporate e-business strategies need to consider strategic approaches to e-security as well.

That Insecure Feeling

Rigorous security and high cost of ownership have kept mainframes safe from hackers. But as they become key players in e-business, mainframes could be at risk.

Taking a Second Look at CRM

Vendors, integrators and service providers still have much to learn from CRM systems. As the technology evolves, so should your appreciation of how it can affect the bottom line.

New Life for Old Software

The federal Jet Propulsion Laboratory is porting old VMS software onto new PC hardware running Linux, extending the life (and value) of legacy programs.

Flirting with Disaster: How to Ensure Business Continuity

With the growth of distributed systems, companies aren't adequately planning for business continuity or disaster recovery across the enterprise. Is your firm guilty?

Life as a Security Guru

Jim Craft is on a quest to secure information.

Firewalls Fill the Gap

Firewalls are evolving to accommodate today's sprawling enterprise systems. Several types of products can enhance your security and peace of mind.

Keeping the Trains on Track

AS/400s help a Georgia railroad company keep track of where loaded trains are within the system.

Fighting Fires on the Web

Make no mistake: Moving applications onto the Web merely makes disaster recovery planning even more critical.