Business Intelligence

4 Performance Management Trends to Watch in 2012

Performance management solutions have been around for years, but momentum is building, as these four future trends reveal.

Q&A: Mobile, Search, and Cloud Top "Cool BI" Innovations

In this two-part interview, well-known BI analyst and TDWI faculty member Cindi Howson discusses some of the top innovations affecting business intelligence, in keeping with her annual "Cool BI" list of business intelligent innovations.

BI 2012: The Future that has Already Happened

Eight current trends that yield insight into BI's future.

Why Search-Based Applications are Set to Thrive

The enterprise search industry and search-based application space will see major steps forward in 2012 as recent acquisitions are sorted out.

The Data Model’s Role in Data Governance

Data models are an important part of your data governance program. We look at the Zachman Framework, which describes multiple levels of data models.

A Big Year Ahead for Big Data and Hadoop

During 2011, Hadoop became more reliable with better performance in new commercial distributions. In 2012, Hadoop will become easier to use and manage.

BI Experts: Good Data Strategy is Good Business Strategy

Director of TDWI Research David Stodder looks at three major trends that he sees shaping the development of data strategies.

How Lyza Learns from its Users

The new Lyza learns from how people use it and makes recommendations based on a user's role or interests. The more people who use it, the better, officials say.

Q&A: Data Strategies and Philosophical Dilemmas

We examine how creating a data strategy has philosophical implications, raising ethical questions about analytics and emphasizing the need for data governance.

BI Resilient in 2011; Mobility, SMBs, Services to Highlight 2012

BI popularity continued, and BI in the cloud and data aggregation took center stage this year. We look at what BI professionals might expect in 2012.

Information Governance: Big Data and the Road Ahead

In 2011, enterprises were aligning their information governance practices across functions. In 2012, Big Data information policy will become mission critical.

That Was the Year That Was: Major Data Warehousing Events of 2011 (Plus Predictions for 2012)

How well did analyst Mike Schiff predict DW trends for 2011, and what's in store for next year?

Big Questions Simmered for Data Analysts in 2011

The role of data analyst has struggled for clarity on standards this year as the importance of analytics advances.

Data Management: The Year Past, The Year Ahead

In a year when in-memory analytics was memorable, what data management trends were the most important in 2011, and what can we expect in 2012?

The BI Year in Review

From tablets to takeovers, it was a busy year for business intelligence professionals.

An Open Letter to Santa: Thinking about BI “Subjects”

Today’s integrated tools can analyze data, execute business rules, and move data. What’s needed are tools that don’t work on the record level but rather examine “subjects.”

Q&A: Lack of Data Background, Quality Can Hold Back Business

Too many business executives lack not only good data, but an understanding of the data’s origination and history.

6 Surprises On My Way from Data to Analysis

What do you do when you have data but insufficient data analysis skills? You find a guide -- and surprises as a result.

Mobile BI: 2011 Trends and 2012 Directions

This year we’ve seen the emergence of HTML5 and the popularity of tablets. What will 2012 bring to the BI mobility market?

Integrating Canonical Message Models and Enterprise Data Models (Part 3 of 3)

Although an enterprise data model (EDM) can be used to facilitate messaging (as described in Part 2 of this series), this way of using an EDM does not achieve the same results that would be achieved by using the EDM to instantiate databases.