Information Workforce Approaching "Mobile Majority"

Almost half of U.S. information workers already split time between home, office, or other locations

Amazon Shakes Things Up with Tablet, Browser Announcements

Kindle Fire tablet will sell for just $199.

Mobile Development in Full Swing

The future is mobile. That's seemingly a given. What's less certain -- or less obvious -- is that the mobile future is now.

Q&A: Best Practices for Avoiding Mobile Malware

Mobile devices are bombarded by direct attacks and those designed for any Web-connected device. We explain best practices for end users and best practices for IT that can protect against these attacks.

A New Approach to Mobile Encryption

Piecemeal efforts only resolve some threats while burdening IT resources. Enterprises need to take an entirely new perspective for managing mobile security.

Q&A: Preventing Mobile Vulnerabilities

Best practices for keeping mobile devices safe.

Tablets Having Big Impact on IT Budgets

This year, demand for tablet computers will actually help lift worldwide IT spending.

Slowly but Surely, IT Addresses Mobile Security Threats

Nine out of ten enterprises say they plan to invest in new endpoint security technologies to help them better manage mobile devices

How Mobile Computing, Not Windows Desktop, Will Transform Cybercrime

As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, they and not the Windows desktop will become Ground Zero for attacks and exploits.

Next-Gen Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce

This year could be a tipping point for enterprise mobile applications.

Remotely Manage Hardware with Embedded Technology

Organizations must be cautious to ensure they can manage their embedded devices as their population grows.

Q&A: Data Protection Strategies for Mobile Computing

Best practices for protecting your mobile and enterprise assets.

7 IT Trends to Watch in 2011 and How to Prepare for Them

A look at the top security, storage, and data center trends facing organizations in the New Year.

The Enterprise Year That Was

From powerful mainframes to small smartphones, it was a year filled with change and challenges, contradiction and contrast for enterprise IT.

The Less Productive Mobile Workforce

Mobile users are more likely to get themselves into trouble -- but not the kind you'd expect.

Google and Verizon Push Tiered Broadband Services

Google and Verizon issued a statement on U.S. broadband policy, describing an approach that would permit differentiated services.

Q&A: The State of IT Security

Recommendations for making data safer that won’t decimate your IT budget.

Google Deemed "Most Disruptive" in Mobile Market

Google is set to disrupt the mobile communications industry with its mobile operating system, according to Strategy Analytics.

Q&A: Mobilizing System i Data

IBM's System i has long been a trusted computing platform, but it's 24 x 80 column data layout is out of touch with today's Internet and mobile devices. Here's how to bring its data into the 21st century.

Mobile Computing's Tipping Point

Mobile security products fared better than did the broader security market in a very tough 2009. Look for that trend to continue.