A Desktop Operating System Security Report Card

A prominent security firm says that the security features of both Windows 7 and Mac OS aren't quite up to snuff.

Security Tops IT's Concerns, Symantec Study Finds

Global study of security personnel identifies goals, points out risks and staffing issues

Report Profiles Top Software Security Coding Errors

Study lists oversights that can lead to denial-of-service attacks, data theft, or control of a system by hackers.

Guarding the Information Treasure Chest: Databases and Data Breaches

Protecting the network is no longer enough. IT needs a watchdog to protect databases from external breaches and internal sabotage.

Enterprise Applications in the Cloud: A SaaS Security Perspective

The security challenges and mitigation strategies to help you migrate your enterprise applications to the cloud while ensuring your data’s safety.

Q&A: Assessing Cybersecurity's Past, Planning for the Future

Where is cybersecurity headed? We look at how regulation, social networking, and popular technologies (such as cloud computing) will impact your enterprise’s security management.

Why IT Asset Management is Critical to Your Network Security

Asset management software can complement your current security tools to provide more complete desktop security.

The Sleeper Cellular Issue

IT organizations are highly exposed to security breaches through their information worker's mobile devices.

Security Focus in 2010: Internal Threats, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Devices

CA’s chief security architect discusses the three key areas for security professional’s attention this year.

Security Trends in 2010

Security will continue to be a hot-button issue this year. Here’s how to protect your business-critical information.

The Enterprise's Achilles' Heel: Cellular Security

IT shops aren't doing enough to secure their cellular communications. This leaves them wide open to attack. The stakes are high -- and likely to get even higher.

Security: A CTO's Crystal Ball

From virtualization to cloud computing, what today's trends tell us about the focus of security professionals next year.

Five Security Chores for 2010

What kept security administrators awake nights this year, and where should they focus their attention next year?

Security: The Year in Review

Compared to other market segments, the security space was a relative safe harbor in a year of economic turbulence.

Bridging Security Gaps to Prevent Data Breaches

Today’s cybercriminal is especially aggressive about penetrating networks to gain access to valuable data. We explain what steps you must take now to protect your systems.

5 Steps to a More Secure Data Center

In the age of virtualization and cloud computing, administrators need a holistic approach.

Malware Attacks the Software Update Process

How performing a software update can hijack your system.

Health-care Providers Racing to Comply with New Security Safeguards

Health-care providers are once again racing to ensure compliance with another set of information security safeguards.

A Better Method to Contextually Protect Data

A new solution to data security is predicated on -- and anticipates -- human behavior by embedding corporate policies into documents and images.

Microsoft Tries To Clean Up COFEE Spill

Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor distributed on "pirate" sites.