XML Goes Native

Because an NXD (Native XML Database) changes the underlying unit of data from a row to a document, several other aspects of traditional databases need to be re-invented.

Storage Needs

With constantly evolving standards and virtually every company's explosive growth in the size of its data, storage is more than a thorn, actually—it's a big nasty thicket of thorns.

The Homeland Security Imperative

Impending pressure from the FBI or Congress may force companies to share evidence of break-ins, or disclose the SEC level of information security preparedness. Is your company ready?

Defending the Faith

A hardened operating systems brings security to the Bahá‘í International Community's Web site.

Homeland Defense: Are We Walking the Talk?

What's really happened to the security of information technology since Sept. 11?

Financial Gotchas

It's not always enough to assume that "the financial people" are keeping a close eye on things. As a project leader, you should be able to read between the lines of a company's financial report to spot potential problems.

Network Management Cafeteria-Style

The Jewish Home and Hospital of N.Y. uses an assortment of products from a variety of companies to manage its network.

Wanted: Invisible Security

Technology workers think employers don't do enough to ensure their personal safety (and that of their property) but will strongly resist any security measures that might infringe on their personal life.


Where once there was talk that the mainframe was dead, now the word most often seen in the same sentence with "mainframe" might be "resurgence."

The Integration Wave

Many of the seasoned veterans of the first generation of host integration are moving on to the next level—not only more tightly integrating their host platforms to the Web, but also linking into newer application environments from across their heterogeneous environments.

How Best to Extend Legacy Technologies?

Extending back-end mainframe and midrange systems out to the Internet now tops everyone's e-business to-do list.

Unleash the Cyberhounds!

Once you've been attacked, it's far too late. A good diagnostics system, more commonly known as a forensic program, can provide that preparation.

Evaluate Your Suppliers

Of all the financial information a company publishes, the two most important are the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, which I discussed last month. With these two documents in hand, what's next? Where do you start looking for the important information? How do you make sense of the data?

Power Play at City Hall

The City of Minneapolis turns to Unisys Corp. for its solution to update its infrastructure

.NET: Microsoft's Enterprise Ticket?

Will .NET Framework bring Microsoft and true language-neutral development into the enterprise?

Glimpsing the Future

Experts tell us where you'll find the hotspots in enterprise technology through 2003.

Computer Forensics Resources: Where to Start

A comprehensive list of computer forensic resources from Mat Schwartz, <i>Enterprise Systems'</i> security columnist.

Bandwidth Bloodhound

Hold Brothers, a trading company, tracks down bandwidth usage to contain skyrocketing costs.

A New Kind of Networked Storage

A new kind of storage recently presented to me makes it important to understand the difference between server-attached, thin server-attached and switched server-attached storage.

Big Windows

Never a company to be discounted on any front, Microsoft appears to be edging closer to its goal of being a serious contender for large, high-transaction enterprise systems.

Bandwidth Bloodhounds

Hold Brothers, a trading company, tracks down bandwidth usage to contain skyrocketing costs.

Power Play at City Hall

The City of Minneapolis turns to Unisys Corp. for its solution to updating its infrastructure.

Relocation Consideration

A lthough they'd rather not relocate at all, IT workers are much more willing to move for a job today than they were 12 months ago.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The goal of CRM remains the same: To help companies get the maximum value from each customer relationship. But some areas, like Web-related CRM implementations, are still lagging.

VoiceXML: XML Talks Back

Best way to prepare: Tell your R&D developers to focus on VoiceXML, but hedge your bets by giving them some background in SALT.

Central Administration, Local Data

They say all politics is local, and that's certainly true for business. Nowhere is that more evident than in financial services, where customer relationships require strong personal bonds between representatives and their customers.

Sprint Mines Marketing Gold

Sprint's new data mining system yields rich stores of customer information.

How Far Does Your Salary Go?

A new study by, an online career and training cetner for technology professionals, compares average salaries for approximately 100,000 technology professionals in 38 U.S. job markets against the ACCRA's Cost of Living Index (COLI).

How Do You Prove Storage Value?

The old adage, "No one ever got fired for buying IBM (or EMC or Network Appliance)" still holds sway in most IT shops. That's in part because it's so difficult to answer basic questions about storage products.

Understanding Company Financials

Thinking about hiring a consultant, engaging a service provider or buying from a new supplier? Recommendations from satisfied friends and colleagues are important, of course, but for large expenditures your research should include a look at a company's financials.

The Identity Wars

In the battle for customers for single sign-on identity services, it appears to be Microsoft against everybody else.

Bye-Bye, Big Lou

IBM is now the last big-name builder of mainframes for the U.S. market, as Hitachi, Bull, Amdahl and others have dropped out.

Data Warehousing

Even before the economy sagged, data warehousing began to get a bad name because of exorbitant costs, lengthy implementation times and vendors promising far more than they could deliver.

Akamai Pushes the InfoEdge

Akamai uses massive parallelism to reach end users globally.

Blending Computers and Academics

Though the two roles might seem to have very little in common, Lew Temares has been able to leverage his CIO experience and contacts to sharpen the engineering school's curriculum and, occasionally, add to its resources. Moreover, the dual role partly reflects his three decades of IT work in academic environments.

Akamai Pushes the InfoEdge

Akamai uses massive parallelism to reach end users globally.

Put a Good Security Staff in its Place

You've convinced top management, got the funding, and hired a crackerjack security staff. Congratulations! Now comes the really hard part. Having a good security staff won't mean a thing if those security pros aren't effectively integrated into your company, and if they can't develop solid lines of communication.