Business Intelligence

Roambi BI: Right Place, Right Time

MeLLmo's Roambi BI platform runs only on Apple's iOS platforms. Is that a risky position or a savvy one?

How to Sell a Data Quality Project

It’s a tough time to cost-justify BI projects and get buy-in from upper management. Here’s how to get your data quality project approved.

The BI Revolution: Cloud BI Progress and Pitfalls

With so much written about cloud and BI in the last year, it would seem the intersection of these two hot IT trends must be a winner -- but is it?

Are Data Integration Vendors Responding to Pricing Concerns?

Vendors appear to be making an effort to address concerns about how they price their data integration tools. Will their efforts result in meaningful savings?

BI Experts: Why Predictive Analytics Will Continue to Grow

What's behind the increasing popularity of data mining, and what is its relationship to predictive analytics?

BI Experts: Big Data Goes Public

Facebook's IPO has drawn attention to the importance of social media data.

Ranking the DI Players

There's plenty of competition in the fractious data integration market.

Q&A: Applying Semantics to Data Management

Semantics helps bring data management down to the user level.

Pentaho Beefing Up Enterprise Support

Open source business intelligence player Pentaho has had a lot to crow about.

New Report Helps Users Get Up to Speed on Hadoop

A new report from TDWI helps users understand the basics of Hadoop and MapReduce.

Why IBM Wants to Put Mainframes at the Center of BI

IBM asks the not-so-obvious question: If you already have a mainframe in-house, why not make it the centerpiece of your business intelligence and data warehouse efforts?

BI Teams Need to Take a Page from Apple's Book

BI teams need to focus on what business users want most.

Q&A: Archiving Tools Apply BI to E-mail

Sophisticated e-mail archiving solutions can generate business intelligence from stored e-mail messages.

Redefining the Data Integration Problem Set

Phasic Systems touts a combination of software, services, and even naysaying as an effective solution for effective enterprisewide governance.

Q&A: How BI Competency Centers Can Add Business Value

HP's Chris Carney explains how a business intelligence competency center can help align BI efforts and needs across the enterprise, bringing real business value.

Big Data Killed the Data Modeling Star

Big data offers BI professionals new ways of making information work for the business.

TDWI Report Explores Challenges, Lessons Learned from Mobile BI Deployments

A new report from The Data Warehousing Institute discusses the how and the why of mobile BI.

5 Macro Trends Shaping Next-generation BI and Analytics

The traditional BI stack has failed. What's next?

JackBe is sMashing BI Barriers

The beauty of the BI mashup is that it makes it easy to expose any kind of information -- including data you wouldn't typically want to bring into a data warehouse.

Q&A: Analytics, Unstructured Data, and the Growth of Social Media

What are the common misperceptions about unstructured data are explored, and how can this data be exploited for game-changing insights?