Behind Big Blue’s SOA/Mainframe Blitz

Big Blue announced initiatives to help programmers and ISVs get that old-time mainframe religion

SOA: The Services Are Out There

Successful service-enablement requires a high degree of visibility into an organization’s IT inner workings.

Careers: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em Revisited

Life as an independent contractor isn't all it's cracked up to be

Careers: IT Pros Sound Off on Offshore Outsourcing

IT pros are surprisingly nuanced in their objections to, or support of, offshore outsourcing.

Careers: IT Pros Now Outsourcing Service Providers

Some mainframe and minicomputer programming vets have embarked on a very different career path—as outsourcing services providers

The Mainframe Capacity Conundrum: Getting Better All the Time

What’s not to like about z/Linux and other cheap mainframe workloads?

Business Process Success: Advice from an Expert

Organizations do successfully manage people and process changes en route to large scale enterprise transformations. Here’s how.

Training: Commitment to IT Pros Still Low

Even companies that have embraced next-generation mainframe workloads often give short shrift to the question of training. What gives?

Splunk Touts Troubleshooting Rx

How you may be troubleshooting application performance and reliability issues in the loosely coupled application-scape of the future

SOA’s Impact on SLAs: Trouble Ahead

Organizations may see service-enablement, and the next generation of SLAs, as a chance to improve the responsiveness and dynamism of their IT departments.

Big Iron Pessimism Persists

With so many major events last year in the mainframe arena, why are so many Big Iron pros still pessimistic about the future?

Is SQL Server 2005 an Irresistible Proposition?

For perhaps the first time ever, SQL Server boosters are talking about taking on the other guys’ databases—and winning

Management's IT Experience Increases Company Performance, Study Shows

A new study makes a strong case for placing executives with IT experience at senior levels: a solid increase in a firm's economic performance.

Careers: Application Development Skills Back in Demand

The enterprise application developer’s lot has long been an unenviable one—until now, that is

An Rx for Mainframe Viability

If the mainframe is to remain a viable platform for the next forty years, IBM Corp. may need to do more to address some of its most glaring pain points

Careers: In-Demand IT Skills for 2006

Mainframe professionals need not despair: disaster recovery, system auditing, and enterprise application integration skills or experience are eagerly sought

SOA: The Rewrite-vs.-Replace Dilemma

Legacy design approaches complicate things for would-be service-enablers and raise questions about the viability of some mainframe applications

Careers: Big Iron's Catch-22

Are mainframe pros the victims of their platform’s strongest selling points?

Big Blue Gets Dashboard Fever

If vendor interest is any indication, dashboards are hot. In fact, they're positively sizzling, which may explain why IBM is jumping into the fray.

Successful Project Management: Think Iteratively, Code Early

Is the way most enterprises develop software fundamentally flawed?