Debunking the Mainframe Brain Drain

Why don’t proponents of the "mainframe brain drain" hypothesis make similar claims about other costly technology niches?

CICS Gets Another SOA-Friendly Infusion

IBM officials position CICS 3.2 as the no-brainer hub for an organization’s -- any organization’s -- service-oriented architecture.

The SOA Frontier: CA Troubleshoots Application Performance Problems

CA pushes Wily SOA Manager as a good prescription for treating application performance issues in SOA environments.

Big Blue Still Sitting Pretty Atop Server Market Heap

IBM Corp. is server market king—thanks to the strong performance of Big Blue’s System x, System p, and System z platforms

SOA Finally Living Up to its Hype, Survey Shows

Development efforts are growing, and they’re finishing on time, new research says

Migration Readiness Assessments, Part 2: Reaping the Benefits

How to leverage the results of an MRA as you develop migration strategies and staffing plans, establish rules for data conversion and system cutover, and move further to mitigate project risk.

The Seven R’s of Change Management

Seven simple questions can help you assess change-related risk and gauge the effectiveness of your change-management process.

Assessing Data Migration Readiness, Part 1: The Right Way to Begin

The power of a migration readiness assessment strategy framework is that it enables you to see what you are getting into with a data migration before you actually begin.

Survey: Composite Applications Used to Solve Integration Problems

Composite applications -- containing logic and data from multiple IT sources coupled with Web services standards -- bring higher end-user satisfaction without requiring full SOA implementation, a new research report reveals.

Harvesting Business Rules in a Process Context

Harvesting business rules from a legacy application has benefits ranging from simple documentation to application modernization. We provide a practical approach for collecting rules in a process context.

Impressive Growth Ahead for Application Server Market

The application server marketplace isn’t the exclusive playground of J2EE and .NET: CICS is amply represented, market watcher IDC says

SOA Evolution: Top Trends for 2007

While many of these data centers may not perceive they are in the world of SOA, they have more than arrived. These are fully distributed applications that are growing in functionality and sophistication, becoming central to the business and in many cases achieving the rank of "mission-critical."

Data Trends Foreshadow DBA Challenges, MS SQL Server Direction

More unstructured data and an emphasis on business intelligence will keep DBAs busy

Case Study: Software Quality Controls Keep Game Site Purring

Online gaming company brings software development lifecycle under control

Behind IBM’s Mainframe Market Push

The best thing IBM can do to help secure the mainframe’s future is to roll up its sleeves and get to work, says one prominent Big Bluer

Case Study: z9 Rescues University from Processing Flood While Reducing Costs

The University of Toronto implements IBM’s new z9 Business Class system to increase and improve service levels while reducing costs

Improving Business/IT Efficiencies with Enterprise Architects

How an enterprise architect can help you maximize your investment in BPM and BRE tools and other technologies.

Mainframe Pros Question IBM’s Spending Initiative

Some mainframers think IBM’s $100 million could be better spent addressing training, licensing, and other long-standing Big-Iron pain points

Seagull’s BlueZone: Terminal Emulation with an SOA-Friendly Tip

Customers can service-enable terminal-based applications and effectively transform them into full-fledged SOA assets

SOA: It’s the Business that Matters

Those who have built and deployed successful SOA projects know it’s all about meeting business needs.