Behind IBM’s Mainframe Market Push

The best thing IBM can do to help secure the mainframe’s future is to roll up its sleeves and get to work, says one prominent Big Bluer

Case Study: z9 Rescues University from Processing Flood While Reducing Costs

The University of Toronto implements IBM’s new z9 Business Class system to increase and improve service levels while reducing costs

Improving Business/IT Efficiencies with Enterprise Architects

How an enterprise architect can help you maximize your investment in BPM and BRE tools and other technologies.

Mainframe Pros Question IBM’s Spending Initiative

Some mainframers think IBM’s $100 million could be better spent addressing training, licensing, and other long-standing Big-Iron pain points

Seagull’s BlueZone: Terminal Emulation with an SOA-Friendly Tip

Customers can service-enable terminal-based applications and effectively transform them into full-fledged SOA assets

SOA: It’s the Business that Matters

Those who have built and deployed successful SOA projects know it’s all about meeting business needs.

Compuware Delivers Mainframe DB2 Performance Tool

How to get even more oomph out of IBM’s zIIPy new DB2 processor engine

Fundamentals of Application Performance Management

All APM solutions are not created equal.

Voice-Enabling IT Apps Gets Easier with Multi-Vendor Package, VoiceXML

Two companies have teamed up to simplify creating voice-enabled applications

In Offshore Markets, Security Lags, AJaX Leads

Nearly four-fifths of Chinese developers have experienced a security breach of some kind in the last 12 months, while non-U.S. developers are taking the lead with AJaX.

Case Studies: SOA in an Age of Legacy Integration

It’s a challenge to bring the mainframe into the modern age of service-oriented architecture but there’s a huge payoff once the job is done.

Big Iron Front and Center in Big Blue’s SOA Push

IBM is touting a more abstract kind of workload—the mainframe-as-service-enabled hub

Improving Security and Manageability without Increasing TCO

TCO matters in the embedded marketplace; hardware integration is the key.

Review: QuickBase Helps IT Build Powerful Web Apps Quickly

No time to build an application for IT's own use? QuickBase may be the answer.

Best Practices: Building a Test-Driven Development Team

More and more code jockeys are embracing software testing as a means to accelerate development and improve overall quality levels

Open SOA Sells—But Microsoft Isn’t Buying

Microsoft’s absence in new initiatives troubles industry watchers

CA Teaches Old Databases New Tricks

How many new tricks can you teach an old pre-relational database? Plenty, especially if customers are still actively banking on it.

IBM’s Embarks on SOA Blitz

A future of reusable services got a step closer to reality last week when IBM announced its new SOA Business Catalog

SHARE-ing: The Secret of Big Iron Success

With the revitalization of the mainframe and the rise of zNextGen, SHARE itself has been revitalized. (First in a series)

Integration Key in CA’s Approach to Change Management

CA says it has developed a change management product family the integrated whole of which is much greater than the sum of its parts