Lessons from 2009: Advice for IT and Vendors

Products released this year show vendors and IT how to alleviate common pain points. ESJ's editorial director highlights four areas to focus on in the coming year -- which may provide a strong return on your investment.

Google Chrome OS Released as Open Source Code

Google's previously under-wraps operating system is now available to developers as open source code, the company announced on Thursday.

Reaping the Benefits of RIA and SaaS

Rich Internet applications and their brainchild, software-as-a-service, are expensive to build. Today they represent the most challenging development process yet.

Q&A: Improving Software Quality

Moving beyond software testing to understand and measure the structural quality of the entire software system is the key to preventing software glitches.

Agile Development: Three Hurdles to IT Adoption in the Enterprise

How to overcome the biggest hurdles to agile adoption in Enterprise IT shops.

Enterprise Architecture in a Tough Economy

Gartner offers an prescription for enterprise architecture ROI

SharePoint Designer Offered as Free Development Tool

Microsoft didn't want price to be a barrier to SharePoint users

How to Optimize Scalability for ASP.NET Web Applications

How to keep your Web apps running smoothly when workloads rise.

Computing in the Clouds: Enterprise-Ready by 2015

According to Gartner, cloud computing still has some maturing to do

Agile and the Fine Art of Gathering Application Requirements

Bloated enterprise systems are taking more time and money without providing what organizations really need. Learn how Agile methods can help.

Enterprise Open Source Thrives

Adopters cite OSS' low-cost licensing, flexibility, and -- crucially -- freedom from a Microsoft lock-in as its most attractive features.

Cloud Computing, Big Iron-Style

Mainframe pros have joined with IBM to tout the virtues of Big Iron-based cloud computing.

Open Source Survey Highlights IT Usage, Perceptions, Pitfalls

A surprising number of open source adopters don't have official OSS policies, exposing them to IP infringement or other violations

Cloud Computing: Microsoft’s Azure Initiative Adds Risk to Business Model

Azure amounts to Microsoft's "most significant coordinated shift in strategy" since it got come-to-the-Internet religion in 1995.

The Reincarnation of Enterprise Applications

If SOA, modernization, and Web 2.0 are complementary IT efforts, then why are they so often viewed as separate initiatives?

Q&A: Virtualization and Rigorous Testing

We examine how virtualization can benefit developers, the drawbacks of the technology when it comes to testing, and best practices developers can use to exploit the capabilities of virtualization.

Bigger is Better in Newest Database Niche

Why are hardware and database behemoths focusing so much attention on a segment that -- just 18 months ago -- was a relatively sleepy niche?

Getting Application Development Back on Track with SaaS

Why traditional enterprise software is in disarray, and what technology can be of greatest assistance.

.NET versus Java Smackdown

According to a new survey, .NET appears to be widening its lead over Java EE.

Get Ready to Web 2.0-ify Your Mainframe

You don't typically think of Big Iron as a locus of Web 2.0 activity -- but IBM is trying to recast it as such