Q&A: BI Trends Point Up Despite Down Economy

With the economy showing few signs of rebounding any time soon, what should business intelligence buyers do?

Q&A: Feedback Management Software Offers Solid BI Investment

Immediate communication with a customer can quickly transform a poor customer experience into an exceptional one.

Q&A: Inside Business Service Management

IT spending is under the microscope. How do you know you’re making the best investment decisions for network and server infrastructure? Business service management may be the answer IT and business users need.

Q&A: Administrator Rights and Enhanced Security

Administrator rights let users do everything on a system, but these rights are also the target of malware and other vulnerabilities.

Q&A: Dashboards Help Bring BI to Consumers

Dashboards are popular in helping business users see trends and understand data, but what's ahead for this visualization tool?

Q&A: How SaaS Changes the Relationship of Business Users to BI

SaaS takes away the chore of installing tools and lets users focus on business impact -- but only if they ask the right questions.

Q&A: Harnessing Computing Power for Data Analysis with MapReduce

MapReduce can help spread the computational chores between many computers. But what if the technology could be unleashed for all data, not just file-based data processing?

Q&A: Internet Threats and Web Filters in the Cloud

Threats delivered through the Web are increasing in number and severity. A Web filtering solution can reduce an enterprise’s vulnerability.

Q&A: Simplifying User Reporting Still Key BI Goal

A faster, more powerful system is not the only way to make reporting faster and more efficient. Users need better reporting tools, too.

Q&A: The Benefits of On-demand BI

What on-demand BI can -- and cannot -- offer companies of any size.

Q&A: Keeping Networks Simple Brings Big Rewards

The key to smart IT spending just may be investments that simplify your network infrastructure.

Q&A: Network Performance Management

Networks are more heavily burdened than ever with data, voice, and video. How can enterprises ensure the performance of business applications across the network?

Q&A: Maximizing System Uptime

How to avoid the top mistakes when managing uptime performance, and how you can maximize system availability.

Q&A: Surviving Software License Audits

“Be prepared” is one key to an expedited software license audit.

Q&A: The Drive to Unified Information Access

Imagine querying all enterprise information with the precision of SQL and the fuzziness of search. That’s the promise of unified information access.

Q&A: The True Meaning of SaaS and Shared Services

How the terms software-as-a-service and shared services are being used, what they really mean, and where the technologies are headed.

Q&A: Preventing Data Loss

A closer look at the components and best practices for success with your data loss prevention project.

Q&A: IT and Business Transaction Management

How managing IT from a business-transaction perspective may guarantee service quality for end users.

Q&A: Security Breaches and Enterprise Culture

How an enterprise’s culture affects its IT security