Q&A: Using Third-party Data Centers

One way to do more with less is to outsource tasks, including some components of your data center. What help and benefits can you expect from third-party providers, and what work should remain on premises?

Q&A: Getting the Most from IT Automation

How can IT do more with less? By automating tasks. We explore the financial and productivity benefits, look at the downsides of automation, and examine how Big Data, virtualization, and cloud computing benefit from automation.

Q&A: Archiving Tools Apply BI to E-mail

Sophisticated e-mail archiving solutions can generate business intelligence from stored e-mail messages.

Q&A: Managing Endpoints and Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are just one of a number of assets that must be managed. Fortunately, the cloud can help.

Q&A: Delivering Real-Time Power Data

New servers deliver real-time power data, but it’s difficult to uncover.

Q&A: Tackling Cloud Challenges

Social media, security, and customization all play a role in your choice of a cloud supplier.

Q&A: Analytics, Unstructured Data, and the Growth of Social Media

What are the common misperceptions about unstructured data are explored, and how can this data be exploited for game-changing insights?

Q&A: Moving Beyond Traditional Data Virtualization

Composite Software VP Robert Eve has co-written a new book on data virtualization. In this interview, he describes going beyond traditional data virtualization and discusses some of the lessons from the book's 10 high-profile case studies.

Q&A: Mobile, Search, and Cloud Top "Cool BI" Innovations

In this two-part interview, well-known BI analyst and TDWI faculty member Cindi Howson discusses some of the top innovations affecting business intelligence, in keeping with her annual "Cool BI" list of business intelligent innovations.

Q&A: Managing the Risks of Offshore Data Warehousing

Moving a data warehouse offshore can bring significant cost savings, but such a move introduces elements of risk that must be managed.

Q&A: Solving VM Management Challenges

IT has used a mish mash of tools to manage VM. It's time to find something better.

Q&A: Lack of Data Background, Quality Can Hold Back Business

Too many business executives lack not only good data, but an understanding of the data’s origination and history.

Q&A: Best Practices for z/OS Security

Mainframes are typically more secure than most other platforms, but that doesn't mean IT can ignore them.

Q&A: How to Improve Cloud Management

IT administrators have traditionally been managing cloud technology with highly customized, manual scripts. Automation and integration are key to overcoming the inefficiencies of this approach. We explain what you need to know to about avoiding common mistakes in moving to automated, integrated management.

Q&A: Can Developers and Admins Co-exist and Improve the Enterprise?

Can the gulf between development and operations be bridged?

Q&A: Monitoring the End-User Experience in VDI Environments

IT needs to supply the best customer experience while maintaining service-level agreements. We explain how VDI makes monitoring the end-user experience tougher and the best practices that will help you overcome these challenges.

Q&A: Cloud Integration in Health-Care Organizations

We examine the special challenges and best practices of integrating cloud technology in the health-care industry.

Q&A: Evaluating Risk for Project Success

How enterprises and software developers can evaluate and manage risk to ensure project success.

Q&A: Viewing APM from the End User's Perspective

Application performance must be evaluated by looking at what your end users experience, not just what dashboards tell you is going on.

Q&A: The Increasing Complexity of Network Attacks

Attacks are getting increasingly complicated -- not just in the technology they use but in the number of parties involved in a single attack.