Security: Data Protection

Securing Your Enterprise with a Many-to-Many Software Deployment Model

How deploying hardware in the data center that runs a centralized security suite that handles multiple security configurations can protect a diverse set of end users.

Why Enterprises Must Respond to WPA Crack

Organizations should either implement a more secure version of WPA or switch to WPA2, the impregnable successor to WPA

IT's Security Dilemma: To Patch or Not to Patch

An out-of-band security fix from Microsoft put administrators in a familiar but tough spot: potentially damned if they patched and damned if they didn't.

Most Enterprises Unprotected Against E-mail Security Risks, Study Finds

Only 10 percent of organizations are actually using effective anti-spam technologies

Q&A: Securing Your Endpoints

Endpoints pose security risks to an enterprise, but identifying those endpoints can be IT's biggest challenge.

Managing Security Compliance from the Inside Out

Why automated security policy management should be part of IT's overall data security compliance strategy.

McAfee's Secure Computing Acquisition: The View from Gartner

McAfee's acquisition of Secure Computing could trigger a round of consolidation and disrupt the security status quo for vendors and customers alike

Breaking Biometrics Barriers in the Enterprise

Why biometrics haven't been adopted faster

Survey Sheds Light on Use, Maintenance of Network Access Control

A new survey shows that enterprise networking groups -- not IT security pros -- are usually responsible for day-to-day NAC administration.

Security Trends: Spending Set to Surge, Responsibility Shifts Outside IT

Forrester says IT security is in a "renaissance period"

Disgruntled Employees Pose Large Inside Threat

A new survey finds that nearly 9 out of 10 IT employees say they'd steal privileged or confidential information if they knew they were going to be laid-off tomorrow.

Mitigating the Security Risks of Unified Communications

How to protect yourself from the threats posed by unified communications.

Network Security: How Employees and IT Can Keep Laptops Safe

Your employees may take the corporate laptop on summer holiday and bring back security risks to your network

Security Software: How Suite It Is

Customers want integrated -- and highly manageable -- security tools. A smorgasbord of best-of-breed tools just can't get it done anymore

Experts Advocate Multi-Purpose Approach to Fight Fraud

With the right investigative techniques, experts maintain, fraud-busters can connect the dots, uncover evidence, and combat fraud

SQL Injection Attacks on the Rise

SQL injection vulnerabilities are easy -- and cheap -- to test for, regardless of whether you're a good guy or a malicious hacker

Six Myths that Delay Endpoint Data Protection

Why saying "it can't happen to us" isn't a solution

XSS Evasion: Hiding in Plain Sight

Is there a holistic solution for ensuring the secure, fast, and reliable delivery of applications?

DNS Flaw Ignites Controversy

A security researcher's speculation about a DNS flaw ignites another firestorm for full and responsible disclosure

DNS Flaws Need Patching

Thanks to this month's DNS vulnerabilities, a lot of patching will be taking the time of DNS administrators. In fact, it might even seem like 2002 all over again.