Security Management

Study Reveals What’s Driving Network Access Control

A majority of survey respondents looking to implement an NAC solution want to reduce malware incidents, control remote access to the network, and enforce endpoint configurations.

Security: A Look Back and the Year Ahead

From smarter criminals to network access protection, IT is going to have its hands full in 2007.

CA Makes Federated Access Management Easier

Significant changes in CA products are worth a look

Symantec Announces Security Enhancement Tools for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Symantec Corp. is first out of the gate to announce companion products to Microsoft’s updated Exchange Server 2007

NAC: Remediation and Integration

Options for notification and remediation, as well as NAC integration techniques and technologies.

Data Encryption: The Whole-Disk Option

For sensitive data sitting on a portable, encryption is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

Foiling Hackers with NAC: First, Know What You Have

Increasingly, hackers have infiltrated "protected" enterprise networks. One NAC provider says the key to maximizing your protection is to know what’s on your network.

Simple Steps to IM Management

IT needs to adopt a multi-step approach—moving from denial to active management—and address enterprise IM use.

Cenzic Provides Risk Assessment of Risky Business

A new product provides enterprises with a risk assessment analysis that keeps everyone informed.

IBM Initiates Global Security Strategy

New IBM initiatives target hackers and insider threats in a single, complete security platform.

How Security Breaches Impact Your Brand

New study shows disconnect between executives' understanding and action

Audits Address Overlooked Legacy Security

Guarding against external threats is important, but don’t overlook legacy systems security.

Could Printers Be Your Biggest Insider Threat?

If you’re only as secure as your weakest link, printers could be your biggest threat.

Symantec Report Highlights Web Security Struggle

To reverse the rise of Web-application vulnerabilities, enterprises must patch more than just their operating systems.

Real World Requirements for Unified Threat Management

Three key features IT should look for when shopping for a UTM solution.

Encryption Provides Safety Net for Enterprises

A new encryption solution promises to keep employees honest and reduce the number of enterprise "insiders."

Protecting Remote-Site Data

EdgeSecure makes it easier to protect data stored in remote locations.

Management Software Offers Slew of Security Perks

Protecting mission-critical data means looking at port and USB vulnerabilities.

The Cold, Hard Costs of Data Exposure

Broken lock: $25. Stolen laptop: $1,500. The cost of corporate data breach: Priceless. Learn how to deploy resources and leadership to most effectively deal with the aftermath of sensitive data exposure.

New “Security” Blanket for Developers

V.i. Laboratories promises that CodeArmor can application code from piracy and reverse engineering