Security Management

Flagship Product Analyzes Red-flagged Applications

When it comes to malware, one company says their product separates the wheat from the chaff, advising enterprises which files should and shouldn’t be on their systems.

SOA Drives Need for XML Security

XML security is where it’s at for adopters of service-oriented architectures

Back-to-School Supplies for Secure Campus Networks

Labor Day marks the move-in for most students, and it also marks the beginning of labor-intensive work for IT departments across colleges and universities nationwide. Find out what one institution is doing to secure its network for the school year.

Security and SOX: Are CIOs Missing the Boat?

Many CIOs arrived late to Sarbanes-Oxley efforts

New Software to Secure SOA-driven Apps

Security remains a key reason some developers shy away from service-oriented architectures. IBM’s new release may help change that.

Q&A: How Security Budgets Determine Compliance Success

New study highlights commonalities between companies with the fewest IT compliance deficiencies.

Filtering Technology Looks Beyond Content

Companies are increasingly deploying filtering technology to address a number of information security threats, ranging from in-bound spyware to unapproved use of VoIP.

Case Study: SUNY-Buffalo Health Science Schools Aim for Network-Admission Controls

The challenge: securing an infrastructure you don’t control

Scan for Security Issues While Building Apps

With the risks in today’s world, one company is taking the “fear” out of Web services with improved app scanning software that puts the developer in the driver’s seat.

Q&A: Regulations and Security Drive Organizations to Adopt Frameworks

Why organizations are increasingly adopting the IT Infrastructure Library

SIM Software Aims for SMBs

One company blocks real-time attacks, demonstrates compliance, and relays security effectiveness to executives.

Security Briefs: Breaches Increase, Trojans Displace Worms

Despite increased security spending, the number of security breaches also increases. Plus, how Trojan applications have displaced worms and viruses as top threats—and why.

Five Tips for Securing VoIP

Thanks to immature standards, competing protocols, and nascent products, keeping VoIP secure isn’t easy. Here’s where to start.

Anti-Spyware Gets Rootkit Removal

New anti-spyware functionality highlights the enterprise security question: should you go for best of breed or opt for a security suite?

Beyond Logs: Security Event Management Market Heads For Shakeout (Part 2 of 2)

Experts predict imminent SEM market consolidation. The upside: lower software costs, easier usability, and improved efficiency. Even so, users will be faced with a dizzying array of options.

Security Briefs: JavaScript Worm, IBM DB2 Vulnerability, NIST Performance Metrics

Dealing with an e-mail worm targeting a Web application, and a vulnerability in IBM DB2. Plus, how to create a performance metrics program.

Beyond Logs: Creating a Log-Management Program (Part 1 of 2)

Regulations are driving companies to audit their security logs. To help collect and analyze all that data, companies can turn to free syslog software and off-the-shelf security event management software. Which approach is right for you?

How Vista’s Arrival Will Affect the Security Market

Vista’s arrival will shake up the $3.6 billion Windows security market. Here are the implications for IT managers.

Best Practices for Effective URL Filtering and Monitoring

Employee abuse of an organization’s Internet access -- from running outcall services to illicitly selling a company’s products on eBay -- illustrate URL filtering and monitoring issues. Enterprises cite inappropriate content, productivity concerns, and lost bandwidth as reasons to monitor their employees’ Web use.

2007 Tech Budgets to Decline; Stealth Malware on the Rise

A projected decrease in next year’s IT budget growth has unclear implications for security spending. Meanwhile, rootkits grow more virulent.