Security Management

Moving Security to the Mainframe

Vanguard wants the mainframe to be the center of security

Novell Security Updates Focus on Flexibility, Integration

Versions offers more management, more integration, and more compliance

Why NAC Alone Is Not Enough

While a NAC solution blocks infected endpoints from entering the network, what happens when a connected PC becomes non-compliant?

The Verdict on Vista Security: A Mixed Bag

Symantec Corp.’s Advanced Threat Research team reports that Windows Vista does deliver tangible security improvements—but Vista is still far from invulnerable.

The Internal Security Mindset: Getting Your Head in the Game

IT is still largely unprotected from one area of enterprise risk: the insider threat.

Network Admission Control: Balancing Security and the User Experience

Two strategies and a dozen tips help you improve your user’s NAC

Microsoft Forefront: Strictly Business

Microsoft doesn’t put enough edge into its security products, yet.

A Guide to Daylight Saving Time Updates

The Daylight Saving Time changes may not have the impact of Y2K, but the ripples may give IT managers heartburn nonetheless

Planning for Pandemics and Other Disasters

In the second of our two-part series, Michigan’s CISO discusses planning for pandemics and other natural (and even man-made) disasters.

Vista Buffer-Overflow Vulnerabilities Exposed

Hackers can take control of a Vista machine

New Online Threats for the New Year

What's on SPI Labs' list of top Web application security threats it expects this year?

Yet Another Word Zero-Day Exploit Surfaces

A new exploit potentially lets an attacker execute code on a user’s machine

PGP: Encryption Everywhere

PGP Corporation may have the handle on protecting sensitive data everywhere

Step by Secure Step: Network Security Planning

With a little prioritization, setting up a network security plan doesn't have to eat up all your time.

Case Study: Breaking the One-Stop-Shop Rule

Even in the most "monolithic" of IT settings, the mainframe data center, there may be compelling justifications for violating the one-stop-shop approach that vendors are keen to promote these days.

Updated Security Information Manager Tackles Massive Event Logs

SIM adds real-time capabilities but compliance, not threats, stills drives this market

Why It’s Time for Network Access Control

Security and compliance policies are only successful if they are enforced. That’s where network access control comes in.

A Loaf, a Phish, and a Reputation

Spam and phishing attacks are getting worse, and new Web threats will complicate networks until some reputations are established

NAC, Vista, and Your Security Strategy

We sort out the options with the most buzz for 2007—NAC, Vista, and NAP—for enforcing security with devices requesting network resources.

Big Blue’s Big-Iron Security Trump Card

IBM is pushing a retro database security model: bring it all back home to the mainframe, and trust the security and privacy of Big Iron