Microsoft Investigating Windows Proof-of-Concept Flaw

Microsoft says its security team is looking into an elevation-of-privilege exploit affecting Windows-based systems.

Microsoft Document Outlines Its Cloud Security Infrastructure

Microsoft's new white paper explains the organizational and standards-based underpinnings of its cloud security efforts.

Microsoft Goes Easy With November Patch Release

Microsoft's November security update arrived today, and it's something less than a Thanksgiving meal.

A 3-Step Defense-in-Depth Strategy for Combating Cyberterrorism

Learn how a "defense-in-depth" strategy can provide greater protection to your enterprise.

Retailers Under Attack

An upsurge in retail-oriented phishing exploits underscores the growing menace posed by targeted attacks.

New IE Zero-Day Attack Surfaces

In a security advisory, Microsoft is warning users of Internet Explorer vulnerability that could allow remote code execution by hackers.

Mid-Size Enterprises are Prime Targets

Mid-size shops are increasingly -- even disproportionately -- coming under attack by hackers, yet few security budgets are rising.

Q&A: IAM and the Unix/Linux Organization

Unix/Linux systems needn't be islands of identity; we show you the challenges and options for addressing authentication, provisioning, and security and take a closer look at Active Directory bridges.

Microsoft: Java Worse Than PDF as Security Threat

Java should be considered a top software security threat, even more so than Adobe PDF files, according to Microsoft's announcement.

The Less Productive Mobile Workforce

Mobile users are more likely to get themselves into trouble -- but not the kind you'd expect.

Microsoft Security Essentials Free for Small Businesses

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) will be free for small businesses to use "beginning in early October," Microsoft announced

Microsoft Points to IE 9 Security Measures

Internet Explorer 9, released in beta form, doesn't talk to strangers

The Sad State of Vendor Patches

A controversial new report shows vendors are leaving enterprises seriously exposed.

Security is Bright Spot in IT Spending

Today's security market differs greatly from the market that was hammered almost a decade ago, following the implosion.

Best Practices for Watching the Watchers

Four questions that promote security and regulatory compliance in your enterprise

Firefox, PowerPoint, Other Apps at Risk from DLL Flaw

A vulnerability Microsoft has confirmed is being exploited, and the software giant says it can't fix the problem with a simple update.

Latest Spam and Phishing Trends Revealed in Symantec Report

Spam dominates e-mail; phishing attacks mimic support chat sessions.

Microsoft Updates Security Compliance Manager Tool

Microsoft on Friday issued an update of its Security Compliance Manager tool, which helps IT pros set security policies for some Microsoft software.

Intel to Acquire McAfee for $7.68 Billion

Blockbuster deal will let Intel provide hardware-based security.

GPUs: Secret Weapon of Password Crackers

Among the oft-cited weaknesses in using passwords for authentication are that people choose bad, easily guessed passwords, such as "123456" or "password"